16 IKEA Items You Can Get For Under $30 That Will Completely Change Your Space

Once you have your own place, it's only natural to spend a good portion of your time thinking about how to make it look even better than it already does. You might assume that the only way to really transform your home is to drop a lot of cash on fancy furniture, expensive pieces of decor, and maybe even new construction, but this couldn't be further from the truth. There are plenty of stores out there that offer affordable home pieces that can instantly make your home look more fresh — there's really no need to spend a ton of money! One of those stores is, of course, IKEA, which is known for their super-smart organizational products, as well as a slew of amazing pieces of home decor. If you really want to save, there are lots of items under $30 from IKEA that will change up your space without hurting your bank account.

Whether you have a small apartment or a larger house, the below items will help give your place a new look, keeping you happy and impressing any guest that might come over. There's something for almost every room in your house: maybe your bathroom needs to be spruced up a bit, or your living room needed just one more item to really feel pulled together. You might also find some inexpensive storage options that can make any room look less cluttered and therefore more aesthetically pleasing.

Check out the items below, but make sure to have your credit card handy first!


Storage Baskets

Nordrana Basket, set of 4, $14.99, IKEA

Little woven storage baskets are a great way to organize smaller items in your bathroom while also keeping things look neat and adorable. These four baskets are each a different shape and size to ensure you can store exactly what you need to. The best part is that you can throw them in the laundry when they need to be cleaned, which is super easy.


A Pegboard

SKÅDIS Pegboard, $25.99, IKEA

A pegboard can be used for so many things. It can hang over your desk and used to hold important papers or a calendar, as well as smaller items like pens and clips. It can be hung up in your bedroom to hold things like jewelry, photos, and small accessories. It can be used in a living room as a giant photo board. The possibilities are endless!


A Colorful Throw

INGABRITTA Throw, $24.99, IKEA

A bright blanket is the perfect pop of color for a living room or bedroom. This pink one from IKEA is inexpensive (blankets can get weirdly pricey) and is a pretty shade that can work all year. It's great to casually toss over your couch for a little color, and makes any room look instantly more cozy.


A Picture/Cabinet Light

MAGLEHULT LED Cabinet/Picture Light, $16.99, IKEA

A small light like this might not seem exciting, but it's great for two reasons. One, it illuminates certain things you really want people to notice, like a photo or painting on the wall, or a shelf you've put together in a great way. Two, it's helpful for you as well: you can put it over shelves in a dark closet so you stop losing random clothing items, or you can use it as sort of a nightlight.


A Bright Shower Curtain

ROSENFIBBLA Shower Curtain, $9.99, IKEA

If your bathroom is all one neutral color, it might seem a little boring after a while. A shower curtain with a bright, fun design will liven up the room and make it a bit more fun.


A Potted Plant


A plant is an excellent way to quickly brighten up any room — unfortunately, they can sometimes be difficult to take care of, or can be impossible to get if you have certain pets. A fake plant requires zero maintenance, and IKEA has some that actually do look real. Grab one or a few to decorate any room.


A Collage Photo Frame

VITABY Collage Frame, $19.99, IKEA

Gallery walls are a very cool way to show off multiple photos and make your home feel more personal and intimate. They can be a little tricky to figure out on your own, but a collage photo frame like this one takes all the work out.


A Lantern

LAGRAD Lantern, $19.99, IKEA

This lantern is a beautiful piece of indoor or outdoor decor. You can put a tall candle in it, then use it to make any room look more cozy — it's great inside a fireplace or on top of some sort of shelf. You can also use them outside for extra lighting.


A Fuzzy Rug

RENS Sheepskin Rug, $29.99, IKEA

If you don't have carpeting, an area rug is an easy way to make a room look more cozy, inviting, and interesting. Get a super soft one, like this sheepskin, for any space where it fits.


Ceramic Plants

SJÄLSLIGT Decoration, set of 3, $14.99, IKEA

Add these little ceramic cacti to any shelf for a pop of color. This cute piece of decor works for any room, and just makes the area look a lot more fun.


A Coffee Table

LACK Coffee Table, $29.99, IKEA

A coffee table really pulls together the look of a living room, and it's hard to find one cheaper than $30. The nice thing about this is that it has two levels for even more room.


Decorative Baskets

FLÅDIS Basket, $12.99, IKEA

Baskets just have such a cozy look about them, especially when they're filled with overflowing blankets or scarves. You can scatter these around a living room, dining room, or bedroom, and two of them will cost less than $30!


A Utility Cart

SUNNERSTA Utility Cart, $29.99, IKEA

Whether you're looking for a bar cart, a coffee cart, or somewhere to put the extra kitchen stuff that doesn't fit in your cabinets, this utility cart will get the job done. Filled with cute items, it looks much less bland. You can also spray paint it if you want to change up the look.


A Chalkboard

LUNS Writing/Magnetic Board, $14.99, IKEA

Stay on top of your appointments, let your roommate or significant other know exactly where you are, keep track of grocery lists, or just write fun messages with this little board. It's great for the kitchen or an office space.


A Bookcase

AVDALA Bookcase, $17.99, IKEA

It's hard to turn down a bookcase that costs less than $20. This can be used for so many things: books, obviously, but also office supplies, kitchen items, beauty products, accessories, or just as a piece of decor. It can make any room look less cluttered.


A Wall Mirror

EIDSÅ Mirror, $19.99, IKEA

Mirrors will make any room look just a little bit bigger, which is really what they're great for. They also just add a little dimension to a space. This one is inexpensive and will work in any setting.