14 Items for the Eternal Optimist

Courtesy of Brands

Are you that annoyingly cheerful friend in your squad — the one that can find the bright side in even the darkest situation? Ditto. If this sounds like you and your glass is always half full, these 14 items for the eternal optimist are so going to feel like you.

Optimists annoy some, but I happen to love them. Even when you're mad, you're happy. You find the silver lining in the worst scenarios, and nothing gets you down for too long. Someone could come up to you and say, "My turtle died, I lost my job at the zipper factory, and one of my feet is bigger than the other," and you'd be like, "I know you're going through a tough time, but here's the thing!"

That's not all, either. Research suggests being positive is good for your wellbeing. In a study by the University of Pittsburgh and shared by Reuters, experts found that optimists live longer and healthier lives than pessimists. More specifically, they found women who were optimists were 14 percent less likely to die from any cause, compared to pessimists, and they were 30 percent less likely to die from heart disease, when followed up eight years after the study.

Plus, positive women had a lower chance of having high blood pressure, diabetes, or a smoking problem, according to the results.


Of course, we can't all be happy all the time — we can't help the way we feel, and such is life — but if you identify as someone who tries to see the bright side of situations, or you are just looking for some positive vibes to brighten your day, check out these 14 things you probably need in your life.

1Wine Tumbler

Good Vibes Wine Tumbler


If people think you're an optimist when you're sober, they should see you when you're wine tipsy. Stay positive in style when you're sipping on your favorite vino, with this fancy wine tumbler. WineNBabies has it over at Etsy.

2Inspiring Cards

Happi Cards


These inspiring cards from TheHappiEmpire on Etsy are the perfect fit for any optimist (or anyone who needs a little boost of positivity). The cards read affirmations and quotes that will fill your heart with joy.


Lapel Pin


The glass is *always* half full. This pin will look fab on your jean jacket or your hat. OpenSpaceDesigns is selling it on Etsy.


My Plans For World Domination (Spiral Notebook)


This inspiring spiral notebook, sold by Rob Price on Redbubble, screams optimist. Wake up, write down your plans, kick ass, repeat.

5Neon Sign

Amber Ibarreche X UO You Glow Girl Neon Sign

Urban Outfitters

If you want to be extra certain everyone knows you're an optimist, a neon sign in your home or office should do the trick.


Today Is A Good Day For A Good Day (Turquoise)


Stick 'em on your notebook. Stick 'em on the wall. Stick 'em anywhere, because it's always a good time to be optimistic. These stickers are available from seller maxineawhite on Redbubble.

7Throw Blanket

Positive Thoughts Throw Blanket


Drape yourself in a literal blanket of positivity with this soft fleece creation decorated with optimistic words like "positive thoughts," "bravery," "compassion," and "believe."

8Positivity Jar

Positive Thought Jar With 365 Positive Thoughts


A little extra burst of happiness every single day of your life? Sign me up.

9Jigsaw Puzzle

Positive Thinking Jigsaw Puzzle


A healthy dose of optimism *and* the perfect entertainment for game night? I call that a win-win. This jigsaw puzzle from Shabz Designs on Zazzle is everything.

10Phone Cover

Galaxy Tree Phone And Wallet Case


This case holds all your essentials, and the design and quote on the front will have you feeling positive as heck.


The Positivity Kit: Instant Happiness on Every Page


You need to practice positivity just like you'd practice anything else, if you want it to grow stronger. This interactive workbook contains prompts to help you do just that.


Positivity Gift, Scented Candle


Even the biggest optimist needs a little reminder ever now and then that they're perfect just the way they are, and these positively encouraging candles will get the job done. They're available from Etsy seller LindsayLucasCandles.


Positive Thinking Nudges You When You Sit Down


I'm sorry, but how have any of us gotten this far in life without these inspiring panties? They're perfect for those days when you sit on the can and just, IDK, don't really believe in yourself. Grab a pair from InnerTruthPanties on Etsy.


Attitude is Everything Positive Putty


Squeeze your way to a positive day with this uplifting putty. Everyone loves putty.