How You & Your Squad Can Dress As The Kardashians For Halloween

by Eliza Castile
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Ten years after their reality show became a bona fide sensation, the Kardashian family is still pop culture royalty. Some may be bothered by that fact, but if you and your squad can't get enough of the Kardashian-Jenner conglomeration, you're going to be interested in last-minute 2017 Kardashian costume ideas. I say "last-minute" because obviously, you'll be too busy following all three pregnancies in the family to actually put together a Halloween costume ahead of time.

In case you wandered onto this article with little to no knowledge of current celebrity gossip, it's been a big year for the Kardashian clan. There were breakups. Cameos in a certain heist movie franchise. Many, many appearances at various events of the red carpet variety. This fall, everyone is abuzz with the news that not one, not two, but three of the family are reportedly pregnant at the same time. In September, news broke that Kim Kardashian is expecting through a surrogate, and the baby should be due in January. Meanwhile, the rumor mill is churning away with reports that both Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are pregnant with their respective boyfriends as well.

In conclusion, the life of a Kardashian-Jenner is a hectic one, making it perfect material for Halloween costumes. Here are 14 group costume ideas for 2017.


The Selfie Queens

Grab your selfie sticks and dress up as the three most notable selfie-takers in the Kardashian-Jenner family: Kim, Khloé, and obviously, Kylie.

Selfie Stick, $19, Amazon | Basic Black Strappy Bodycon Dress, $10, Pretty Little Thing (Kim) | Monki Oversized Shield Aviator Sunglasses, $11 | Khaki Off Shoulder Sweater Dress, $20, With Chic (Kylie) | White Ruched Bardot Bodycon Dress, $35, Pretty Little Thing (Khloé)


2007 Kardashians

In honor of Keeping Up with the Kardashians' 10th anniversary, grab your gaudiest jewelry, break out your best leopard print, and slather on the periwinkle eyeshadow. You and your squad are the Kardashians in 2007, when the reality show was a wee baby compared to the massive moneymaker it is today.

Leopard Print Sleeveless Wrap Dress, $25, Luxury Divas | Vdara Strappy Pump, $32, Zooshoo | Beauty Is Life Shiny Eye Shadow, $27, Barneys New York


Christmas Card Edition

Almost every year, the family gets together for a Christmas card photoshoot. The most recognizable (and in my humble opinion, superior) picture was taken in 2012, when the Kardashians were clad in all-white and confetti rained from the sky. To replicate the look, all you need is white clothes and some black wigs in various styles.

White Ruched Bardot Bodycon Dress, $35, Pretty Little Thing | Miss KG Faun Sandals, $93, John Lewis | Cold Shoulder Blazer, $27, Miss Selfridge | Rhinestone Champagne Wedding Flutes, $35, Amazon


Kris & Kompany

Your most flamboyant friend can be front and center as Kris Jenner, accompanied by any number of her daughters. All of you will be clad in the finest satin-and-sunglasses combinations in the land, of course.

Women's Manhattan Oversized Sunglasses, $25, eBags | Tahari Jacket and Pants Suit, $290, Lord and Taylor (Kris) | Mini Cami Satin Wrap Dress, $15, Rosegal (Kardashian-Jenner daughter)


Met Gala Kimye

Remember the infamous "couch dress" Kim wore to the met Gala in 2013? It's still recognizable four years later. To dress as Kanye West and Kim at the fateful event, all you need is a suit, an appropriately floral dress, and a "baby bump," also known as a pillow stuffed into the aforementioned dress.

Viereck Hosea Mock Turtleneck Dress, $130, Vintage Fringe | Rectangle Cotton Pillow, $35, Southmoonunder | Charcoal Stripe Wool Blend Suit Pant, $89, Express


"Break The Internet" Kim & Photographer

In 2014, Paper magazine helped Kim "break the internet" with a series of risqué photos. Turn it into a group costume by mimicking her photoshoot (like the costume above) while someone else carries around a camera, acting as a photographer.


Crying Kim & Family

Kim has cried many times on Keeping Up with The Kardashians, and many screenshots have been deemed meme-worthy. Have one friend dress as the "Crying Kim" meme, complete with mascara tracks, while the rest of the group dresses as her bored sisters.

Solid Cotton Bathrobe, $16, Newchic | Jet Black J. Cat Beauty Mascara, $4, Charlotte Russe; Trish McEvoy Instant Pick-Me-Up Lashes, $26, Selfridges & Co. | Satin Slip Babydoll, $17, Zaful


One Kardashian & The Paparazzi

Don't feel like squeezing yourself into a bodycon dress? Have one friend dress up as a Kardashian. The rest of the group will be paparazzi following her around. Flash cameras are a must-have.

Wrap Neck Cowl Dress, $16, Boohoo (Kardashian) | SNAP Touch Instant Camera + Film, $230, Fab (Paparazzi) | Women's Mirror Sunglasses, Gamiss (Kardashian, paparazzi, or both)


The Miami Edition

Back in 2009, Kourtney and Kim hit up Miami in a spin-off of their regular reality show. Bring back the glory days of bikinis and short-shorts with Miami-inspired Kourtney and Kim costumes.

Cat Eye Sunglasses, $13, Make Me Chic | George J. Love One Piece Swimsuit, $56, Yoox | From Sand to Sidewalk Cover Up Dress, $14, Modcloth | Apt. 9 Amused Women's Sandals, $15, Kohl's


The Fabulous Five

Does your squad consist of five people? That happens to be the exact number of Kardashian-Jenner children: Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie. The costumes basically make themselves, but if you need inspiration, here's a detailed guide to becoming each of the Kardashians in a few quick steps.

Knit Floating Choker Neck Bodycon Dress, $14, Charlotte Russe | Nova Crystal Rectangle Sunglasses, $30, | Ellenie Strappy Crisscross Sandals, $34, Macy's; Lace front black wig, $98, Etsy


Kim, Kanye West, & Taylor Swift

Can you believe it's been just a little more than a year since Kim released the infamous clips of Taylor Swift and Kanye West discussing "Famous" on Snapchat? It became an indelible part of pop culture pretty much immediately, and any trio of friends can recreate it.

Angie Metallic Bodycon Dress, $16, Boohoo (Kim) | High Waist Ruffle Skirt, $13, Romwe (Taylor) | Crop Tank, $27, Nordstrom (Swift) | OppoSuits Two-Piece Suit with Tie, $100, Nordstrom (West)


The NYC Edition

It only ran for two seasons, but Kourtney and Kim Take New York will live on forever in our hearts.

Red Crepe High Neck Jumpsuit, $45, Pretty Little Thing | Luna Ruched Skirt Midi Dress, $23, Amazon | Leopard Block Heel Booties, $29, Charlotte Russe | Blue Cropped Fur Coat, $50, Miss Selfridge


DASH Dolls

If you really want to stand out from the Kardashian crowd, dress as the cast members who aren't Kardashians at all: the stars of DASH Dolls, a spin-off show focusing on the women who work at the Kardashian fashion company. Don't forget to contour.

Erin Plunge Bandage Midi Dress, $20, Boohoo | Crop Top & Step Hem Midi Skirt Co-Ord, $22, Yoins | Metallic Foil Slinky Jumpsuit, $50, Sans Souci | Contour Cream Kit, $40, Anastasia Beverley Hills | Apt. 9 Clerk Wrap Heel, $45, Kohl's


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