14 Memes About How Boring The Super Bowl Was That Are Better Than The Actual Game

Patrick Smith/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

On Sunday, Feb. 3, the much anticipated Super Bowl LIII took place... and, unfortunately, it was super boring. Yep: Despite how much hype the game received prior to kick off, the actual game and Half Time performances seemed to generally bore the internet, like ~Zzzzz~ central. Don't believe me? Wait until you see some of these memes about how boring the Super Bowl was, all of which capture just how uninterested many viewers considered the game and performances. The lack of game-time enthusiasm might be due to the fact that the Patriots have already been to the Super Bowl 11 times and won six games — like, this is nothing new. But you'd think that the excitement of the possibility of the Rams taking their second Super Bowl win in 20 years would do something to evoke interest in audiences? Nah? OK then.

And while live shots of the audience at the actual game might seem enthused and peppy, the internet paints a different picture, making the most exciting part of the game the memes that came from it. The Patriots took another win, Adam Levine took his shirt off and generally acted like he had just watched Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time, and Travis Scott played with fire — and really, that's all that happened. All of this is to say that if you were experiencing FOMO because you missed the game, you didn't miss much. The memes were the best part and they're all here for you now.

Poke It With A Stick

The internet generally felt like they were just sitting around waiting for something to happen, anything.

Sweet, Sweet Validation

The Super Bowl LIII was literal proof that football can be very boring.

I'm Fine Guys

Just barely surviving an extreme case of boredom.

"Disappointed" Is An Understatement

When the Puppy Bowl is more exciting than the Super Bowl, you know ratings are going to be bad.

Live Footage Of Me Watching The Super Bowl

For many people this will be the first and last time they watch the Super Bowl.

#SelfieKid Is Back

This time, he's not Googling Justin Timberlake, he's scrolling through Instagram looking for something more interesting than the Super Bowl.

Even The TVs Went To Sleep

Well is sarcastic technical difficulty or what?

Always Hungry, But Yes, Same

The best part about this tweet is the thread below in which other food brands add shade to the mix.

If You Know, You Know

This shady-but-brilliant tweet from Andy Cohen really hits the nail on the head.

Sponge Bob Fans Not Having It Either

I mean basically everyone was disappointed. Football fans, music fans, even Sponge Bob fans...that really says something.

A Creative Scoreboard To Say The Least...

Two nipples, zero excitement. Enough said!

Reload, Reload

To be sure, the best part of this year's Super Bowl is this meme.

That Sums It Up

Football fans were disappointed to see that three quarters in, there still wasn't much action happening.

At Least We Didn't Pay For Tickets

If you were feeling bummed that you couldn't be at the live event, you're probably feeling pretty good right about now.