14 Movies Out Later This Summer That'll Make You SO Nostalgic

by Amen Oyiboke

As we grow older, we often come across things in pop culture that remind us of something from our pasts. We might spot a film on Netflix that reminds us of the summer vacations we spent with family, or see an animated flick in theaters that brings up memories our pets. Nostalgic movies come in many different genres and themes, but they all bring back those warm, fuzzy and awkward feelings from our younger days. Movies can have the power to make us feel like kids again — in both the best and worst ways — and these 14 movies out in summer 2018 are so nostalgic that when you watch them, you'll be totally transported back to your youth.

Films like this summer's Eighth Grade will make you remember those painful years navigating through middle school, while movies such as Like Father will have you thinking wistfully about the times you spent with your parents back in the day. Nostalgic films just know how to hit you right in the feels, and these 14 movies out this July and August will have you longing for the past — even it wasn't really that long ago. Get ready for some major throwbacks when you watch these flicks.

1. Eighth Grade

Middle school can be the cruelest time in a young adolescent's life. It's that in-between stage of navigating a preteen mindset and heading into one's teenage years. The acclaimed Eighth Grade explores just how awkward and confusing that time period is in a hilarious, must-see way.

In theaters July 13.

2. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Family vacations can be a source of experiences both good and bad. In the new Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, it's summer vacay time and everyone's favorite monster family is going on a luxury monster cruise.

In theaters July 13.

3. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Remember how hilarious the "Dancing Queen" scene with Meryl Streep from the first Mamma Mia was? Well, the sequel to the musical romantic comedy is here, and time around, none other than Cher joins the cast.

In theaters July 19.

4. Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

Based on the popular animated series Teen Titans, this animated film will surely have you thinking about those childhood Saturday mornings filled with cartoons and cereal.

In theaters July 27.

5. Mission Impossible — Fallout

Tom Cruise is back at it again with some seriously impressive stunts.

In theaters July 27.

6. Hot Summer Nights

Summer flings can be the best, and Timothee Chalamet's Hot Summer Nights takes a typical teenage summer vacation to a very intense level.

In theaters July 27.

7. Christopher Robin

Winnie-the-Pooh and friends reunite with their now-older pal Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor). Prepare for all your past warm feelings about Pooh Bear to reignite.

In theaters August 3.

8. Like Father

Kristin Bell plays a woman who’s left at the altar and ends up going on her honeymoon cruise with her estranged father (Kelsey Grammer). It's a rom-com that tells a story of a fractured bond between father and daughter.

It's out August 3 on Netflix.

9. The Spy Who Dumped Me

Who wants to remember a particularly bad break-up? No one. The Spy Who Dumped Me follows a woman (Mila Kunis) as she becomes entangled in a conspiracy because her ex-boyfriend was actually a spy.

In theaters August 3.

10. Never Goin' Back

Not Goin' Back will have you thinking about the days where you and your ride-or-die best friend didn't have a care in the world.

In theaters August 3.

11. Dog Days

Pet lovers, this one is for you. Dog Days will hit you in the feels about your furry family.

In theaters August 10.

12. Crazy Rich Asians

Featuring quirky relatives and high-strung parents, Crazy Rich Asians will have you thinking back to the first time you met the family of a significant other.

In theaters August 13.

13. To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Awesomeness Films

If you've ever had a secret crush, this sweet rom-com is for you. Prepare for some secondhand teenage awkwardness, though.

Premiers on Netflix August 17.

14. Kin

Kin may seem far from reality because it's about the supernatural, but if you have siblings, this movie will ignite memories of your childhood adventures. Kin follows a teenage boy and his ex-con brother as they run from a vengeful criminal and a gang of out-of-this-world soldiers.

In theaters August 31.

In some way, each of these films will lead to you taking a walk down memory lane.