14 Organization Products Perfect For Messy People

by Emily Estep

While the "type A" personalities out there are conquering the world with their bullet journals, some of us aren't quite as on top of things. Our laundry is piling up and we need to find our keys — or maybe it’s time we invest in some products for messy people who want to get their sh*t together.

Luckily, there is an enormous variety of helpful tools out there that can get you on the path to an organized life, free from cluttered closets and jumbled up earbud cords.

If you struggle to fit your (unfolded) clothing in your closet, your house is always dusty, or you're tired of never being able to find anything, it may be time for you to pull it together — and you'll feel so much better when you get things under control. With the right mindset and a little work, getting organized is much easier than you thought.

Are you looking to take charge and finally battle your biggest messes? Are you ready to finally tackle your sock drawer? Do you live with someone who fits the above description? These must-have organization products will help messy people get their sh*t together — and then put them to work.


This Robotic Cleaner Will Keep Floors Free Of Dust

O-Cedar O-Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner, $24, Amazon

If you're trying to get your sh*t together, you should start from the bottom up - literally, with the floors of your home. This automatic floor cleaner rids your floors of dust and hair, changing directions whenever it detects a wall. The filters are simple to change, and reviewers say you can replace them simply by cutting a cheap microfiber towel to fit the device. Bonus: watching this robot do its thing will certainly inspire you to finally clear your floor of the laundry that's surely gathered there.


These Drawer Inserts Will Make Your Underwear Drawer Manageable

SimpleHouseware Underwear Organizer Set, $14, Amazon

It may be impossible to find all your missing socks, but at least the ones you have can be organized. Keeping your socks, bras, and underwear neat is beyond simple with these drawer inserts, and is much easier to manage than shoving your stuff in anywhere. This set comes with four different bins that have compartments of varying sizes for whatever you want to put in there — and the fabric is mold-proof, so your stuff will stay clean, too.


This Door Organizer For Shoes, Accessories, And More

Whitmor Natural Linen Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer, $22, Amazon

This over-the-door hanging organizer is perfect for keeping your shoes together in pairs, but you can also use it to store scarves, jewelry, or whatever you can fit into its natural linen compartments. You could also put it elsewhere, like in the kitchen for cleaning supplies or bulk foods- it'll fit on any over-the-door closet rod you have in your house.


The Odor Absorber That Purifies With Charcoal

Sagano Charcoal Odor Absorber and Air Purifier, $8, Amazon

If you're messy, you know that sometimes, things can a little, uh, stale in your living quarters. This odor absorber takes in stagnant air, purifies it with all-natural charcoal, and refreshes your whole house. It's especially great for closets and refrigerators because it prevents mold and bacteria from growing. This one can be recharged in the sun and lasts up to two years.


This Rotating Makeup Tray To Increase Vanity Space

Jerrybox 360-Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer, $24, Amazon

If your vanity or sink are overwhelmingly cluttered with foundations, creams, and hair serums - you are not alone. Thankfully, this genius makeup organizer exists, allowing you to neatly store everything you need in one place, and it spins so you'll find everything easily. It stores a lot of products of all sizes, and it comes in a few designs and color options.


This Bedside Organizer To Keep Things Easily Accessible

Bed Butler Bedside Caddy, $40, Amazon

Between your phone, water bottle, tablet, and glasses, the list of objects you require bedside can get kind of jumbled up on a nightstand - especially when you're fumbling around in the dark. With this bedside caddy, which can hold up to 14 pounds of stuff, you can keep your must-haves close by and free from the danger of being knocked over by a flailing limb. To install, all you need to do is slide it right under your mattress.


These Silicone Crumb Catchers To Keep The Kitchen Clean

Bellemain Kitchen Silicone Stove Counter Gap Cover, $10, Amazon

Messy people tend to be messy cooks, and there's nothing more irritating than unreachable crumbs stuck in the cracks of appliances, especially when you're finally getting around to cleaning the kitchen. These non-slip covers can be placed strategically between your oven and counter so that bits of food can never fall to an unclean-able depth again. And don't worry; they can withstand hot temperatures.


These Dividers Will Make Your Shelves Much Neater

Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers, $14, Amazon

Even with the best intentions, clothes that were once neatly folded and stacked on a shelf can become a jumbled mess, especially without the help of these durable shelf dividers. They slide on easily and make your shelves infinitely easier to navigate clothes, towels, purses or bedsheets. Reviewers love how sturdy they feel.


These Vacuum Storage Bags to Save You Tons Of Space

SpaceSaver Large Vacuum Storage Bags, $23, Amazon

Between bedding, off-season clothes, and clothes you never wear but refuse to get rid of, you can run out of closet space fast. These vacuum storage bags - which compress clothing with the help of any vacuum cleaner - carefully and cleanly store your things with no air to spare, adding tons of free space to an otherwise crowded closet. They're antibacterial, so no mold will grow over time, and it comes with a hand pump if you want to travel with them.


This Spice Rack To Clean Up Your Cabinets

YouCopia SpiceStack 30-Bottle Spice Organizer, $40, Amazon

Whether you are just getting into cooking or consider yourself a bonafide chef, there's likely a corner of your kitchen that's cluttered with necessary spice jars. With this spice organizer, you can keep up to 30 full-sized bottles (of different shapes) conveniently stowed away. It even comes with drawer labels so that you can always find the oregano right when you need it, hassle-free.


This Laundry Sorting System To Divide Dirty Clothes

Seville Classics 3-Bag Folding Laundry Sorter, $55, Amazon

Actually separating your laundry into different piles can be the most annoying part of getting it done, but with this laundry sorter, you can start tossing your dirty laundry in the appropriate categories ahead of time. It's made of heavy-duty mesh bags with canvas material, has wheels, and comes equipped with a lift-up ironing board, so you can fold or iron right on it.


These Magnetic Holders That Store Your Keys

Tescat Magnetic Key Holders, $11, Amazon

Few things are more aggravating than realizing you can't find your keys when you are already late. Though these key holders can't force you to wake up earlier, they can make sure you never misplace your keys again. With extremely minimal installation, these magnetic key holders can be placed nearly anywhere, and can hold a lot of weight. One Amazon reviewer says, "It even held my husbands heavy set of keys with at least 12 keys and a key fob."


This Charging Station To Neatly Store Your Electronics

Amir Bamboo Wood USB Charging Station, $14, Amazon

With so many devices these days, it's easy for your various charging cables to become a tangled up mess by your bed, on your desk, or throughout the house. With this sleek charging station, you can keep all of your devices in the same place while you give 'em some juice. It even has a hidden compartment in the back to store your snake-like cables, so things will look a lot cleaner, too.


This Bluetooth Finder To Track Your Keys Or Wallet

Tile Mate Anything Finder, $25, Amazon

This Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker will make sure that you never lose your keys, your wallet, or your phone ever again. All you do is attach the tile to a frequently misplaced object, and it becomes trackable via an app on your phone. The compact little tile fits anywhere you need it to go, and the app will keep track of your phone as well. Best of all, it'll also keep tabs on where you last put — you guessed it— the tile itself.

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