14 New England Patriots-Themed Super Bowl 2018 Party Ideas To Put Together ASAP

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is happening on Sunday, Feb. 4, and if you're a big fan of football (or even if you're not), chances are good you have a party to go to. Or, hey, maybe you're throwing the party. Either way, it's bound to be a good time full of food, booze, and an exciting halftime show. And if you are throwing a party, or you helped plan one, you should really get into it with a theme. What better theme than one of the teams playing in the big game? If you're hoping for another win for Tom Brady and team, you need to check out these New England Patriots-themed Super Bowl party ideas.

Are these items totally necessary? No, not really, but they are definitely really fun. They'll make the whole event a lot more festive and will also lend for some perfect Instagram photos to show everyone what a great time you're having. The Super Bowl is basically a holiday in America, so why not decorate for it?

If you want to go all out, consider getting all of these items - most are available for fast shipping to get to you in time. If not, just pick a few favorites. You can't really go wrong with any of them!

1. A Photobooth


Patriots Photobooth Frame, $7, Etsy

Make your party Instagram-ready with a little Patriots themed photobooth. This frame is inexpensive and the perfect starting point. Just add props like helmets, little signs, and a football, of course.

2. Festive Snacks


Wincraft NFL Snack Hat, $49.95, Amazon

If you don't have time to make anything Patriots-themed, just buy this helmet shaped bucket for chips and dip. It's pretty much the best thing for any Super Bowl party.

3. Patriots Banner


Patriots Football Banner, $19.99, Etsy

This inexpensive banner is the perfect way to decorate your TV room. It's easy, festive, and fun.

4. Patriots Glasses


Boelter Brands Patriots Pint Glasses, $24.95, Amazon

Are Patriots glasses an indulgence? Sure, a little bit, but admit it: they look good. And they'll look even better as the team wins the Super Bowl.

5. Patriots Fidget Spinner


Two Way Fidget Spinner, $2.99, Fanatics.com

The game is bound to get nervewracking at some point, so have these cheap accessories on hand for those who need to do some fidgeting while they wait to see what happens. Trust me: they'll come in handy!

6. Patriots Party Kit

Party City

Basic Party Kit, $20.99, Party City

If you're not big on the idea of actual glassware with the Patriots logo, just get plasticware. This set is a great price and has everything.

7. Festive Balloons


Patriots Balloons, $13.69, Amazon

What's a party without balloons? These are a great decoration and they're also fun to play around with if the game gets a little boring.

8. A Cornhole Set


Patriots Cornhole Set, $49.97, Amazon

Speaking of getting bored, this cornhole set is perfect for those who are at a Super Bowl party even if they're not exactly into football. Or just for the boring moments during the commercials!

9. NFL Tablecloth


DesignWare New England Patriots Plastic Table Cover, $14, Amazon

This plastic tablecloth is perfect for keeping things a little less messy and for getting in the festive spirit of the Super Bowl.

10. New England Patriots Cake


Patriots Football with Tee Cake Decorating Kit, $13.99, Amazon

You don't need to order an expensive custom cake with this cake topper set from Amazon - you also don't need to be a master baker to make it!

11. NFL Party Platter


NFL Party Platter, $34.99, Amazon

This is just another fun way to display all the delicious snacks and foods on hand all night long.

12. Patriots Flag


Patriots Flag, $39.99, Fanatics.com

Show your support loud and proud outside with this Patriots flag. It's also a good way to show people which house is yours.

13. Tom Brady Jersey

NFL Shop

Tom Brady Jersey, NFL Shop, $119.99

If you're a fan of Tom Brady, you need this jersey to wear throughout the game. Into another player? There are tons of different options at the NFL Shop.

14. Patriots Headband


New England Patriots Headband, $14.95, Etsy

If you have absolutely no intention of spending over $100 on a jersey, get this much less expensive headband — it's cute and easy.