14 Of The Coziest Shows On Netflix In 2017

By Mathew Jedeikin

The winter holidays are almost here, and during the months of cold weather nothing is more satisfying than curling up on the couch with a warm blanket to watch a cozy TV show on Netflix. Especially if you've also got a warm cup of soup, or hot chocolate (depending on your personal preferences), to accompany your Netflix TV show binge watching.

So what exactly makes a television show cozy? Well, the dictionary defines cozy as "snugly warm and comfortable," so when we're talking about a cozy TV series we're talking about a show with characters and plot lines that are warm, comfortable, and often familiar. Either because you've already seen every episode of the show before, or because the story is relatable to your own life.

A cozy TV series can be a comedy, a light drama, an inspiration show, or really anything in between. The exact category doesn't matter, and neither does the episode runtime, what does matter however, is that watching said cozy television show makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. To ease the stress of holiday shopping, and make you feel warm inside after a long day.

So to help you stay even more relaxed than ever, I've done the leg work and came up with this list of the cozies televisions shows on Netflix in 2017:

1. Friends

How could I not include Friends as the number one item on a list of cozy TV shows? It's a television classic, a sitcom that's relatable to generations of viewers. You can stream Friends here.

2. Arrested Development

Although it wasn't a huge hit when the original four seasons aired in the early 2000s, Arrested Development has developed a cult like following. So much so that it was revived by Netflix for a fifth season in 2013, with a sixth season set to air in 2018, according to TV Line. Click here to start watching Arrested Development now.

3. The Office

After you finish binge watching the all nine seasons of the U.S. version of The Office, you can also check out the original UK version of The Office as both shows are currently available on Netflix.

4. The Fosters

GLAAD Media Award winning series, The Fosters, is a family drama like no other. It shows the realistic lives of an interracial lesbian couple living in San Diego, CA with their children, and watching the series will make you both laugh and cry. Yeah, it's that good. Check out The Fosters here.

5. Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope is an icon. 'Nuff said. Prepare to laugh, and click here to start watching Parks and Rec.

6. Charmed

Catch up with The Charmed Ones by watching Charmed on Netflix.

7. Grace and Frankie

Although it's first season only debuted on Netflix in 2015, Grace and Frankie is a comfortable show to watch because of it's legendary stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. If you haven't seen Grace and Frankie yet then you're definitely missing out!

8. Gilmore Girls

Another show that was so beloved by fans that Netflix gave it a modern revival — you can stream Gilmore Girls here.

9. Cheers

After watching a few dozen episodes of Cheers you'll find yourself yelling, "Norm!" and humming along to the series' theme song.

10. Frasier

Once you finish binge watching Cheers why not follow it with the next logical series? Click here to watch Frasier.

11. Jane The Virgin

The fourth season of the award winning show Jane the Virgin only premiered a few weeks ago in October of 2017. So now is the time if you need to get caught up on any episode of Jane the Virgin you might have forgotten about.

12. Glee

Glee is the perfect cozy series to watch from your couch because not only is it a funny and often moving show, but because of of incredible song and dance numbers.

13. The Good Place

Like Grace and Frankie, The Good Place is also a relatively new show that feels familiar because of it's stars. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson (who previously starred in Cheers) have great chemistry and The Good Place is an all around enjoyable show to watch.

14. Chill with Bob Ross

Because nothing will make you feel more cozy on your couch than watching the now iconic artist Bob Ross as he paints gorgeous scenes of nature. There are only 26 episodes of Chill with Bob Ross on Netflix, so definitely make sure to savor them.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and fire up Netflix to start watching one of these cozy TV shows, and enjoy Winter 2017 with lots of comfortable television viewing.