14 Online Book Clubs You Can Join Right This Moment


I don't know about the rest of you, but whenever I'm reading a good book, I spend every waking moment wanting to talk about that book. The trouble is, most of the people around me are not reading the same book, and they have no interest in hearing all my feelings about Octavia Butler over a glass of wine at 11 PM. That's where book clubs come in. Book clubs are the perfect way to keep reading, talk about what you're reading, and make friends with other readers. And you don't even have to leave your house to join one. Here are some of the most popular online book clubs to get you started.

I mean, yes, starting a book club with your friends or your co-workers or your mom's friends' co-workers is still very much an option. But if it's hard for you to get together with your fellow readers in the analog world, or if you're looking for some new reading inspiration, these are the book clubs you should know about. From diversifying your personal bookshelf to helping incarcerated readers get access to reading material, these book clubs are creating communities and changing the book club paradigm. So find the club that's right for you, and get to reading:

Our Shared Shelf

Actress and activist Emma Watson runs Our Shared Shelf, a feminist book club with over 100,000 members. Each month the group chooses a new book that deals with themes of race, gender, and justice, and opens up a friendly, literary dialogue on Goodreads.

Oprah's Book Club 2.0

You can't possibly talk about nationwide book clubs without talking about Oprah. Lucky for all of us, Oprah's Book Club 2.0 is still around to bring us all challenging and inspiring stories straight from Oprah's shelf.

The Rumpus Book Club

The Rumpus Book Club does charge a monthly fee, but they also send you a new, unreleased book every month for your reading pleasure. You're then invited to hop online for a discussion with the author, which is pretty much the dream book club scenario.

Free Minds Book Club

Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop is a slightly different kind of book club: instead of getting together to read books, you're helping young inmates get access to books, support, and writing instruction. You can donate books, donate money, or help to give writing feedback to young incarcerated writers through the multiple Free Minds programs.

Action Book Club

If you want to join a book club, help your community, and still be able to make your own TBR list, check out Action Book Club from the Little Free Library. You get together with friends, choose a book from Action Book Club's recommended list, and then carry out a positive community service project with support from Action Book Club's resources.

Books at Work

Books at Work brings the book club directly into your workplace. If you work in an office environment, Books at Work will help you pick a book from their shelf and host a weekly in-office book club, moderated by a college professor.

Reese's Book Club

Reese Witherspoon curates a lovely monthly book club through Instagram, with opportunities for author questions and social media discussions on each book she picks.

The History Book Club

History lovers, rejoice! There is a huge community of literary history fans hanging out on Goodreads, at the aptly titled History Book Club. It's one of Goodreads' bigger communities, and a great space to read and talk about your favorite time periods.

WIRED Book Club

For fans of the fantastic and the science fictional, WIRED has an excellent book club that zeroes in on all things speculative fiction. Recent picks include Ted Chiang's Stories of Your Life and Others and Nnedi Okorafor's Binti.

Between Two Books

Between Two Books is a club run by musician Florence Welch, the titular Florence in the band Florence and the Machine. Florence discusses each month's pick with other club members, and even hosts occasional live book club meet ups.


Belletrist, run by Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss, chooses both a book and an independent bookstore to feature each month. The Belletrist blog includes interviews with authors, including the one-and-only Joan Didion.

Andrew Luck Book Club

Andrew Luck is a quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, and he'd like people to know that jocks can be just as literary as anyone else. His popular book club and podcast offers a "Rookie" pick for young readers, and a "Veteran" pick for older readers every month.

New Adult Book Club

The New Adult Book Club is a huge community of readers on Goodreads, who enjoy reading and discussing "New Adult" literature (NA books are essentially YA books with slightly more mature themes and content). It's a great place for YA book fans and non-YA book fans alike to explore the genre and discuss the steamier side of young adult fiction.

Goodreads Choice Awards Book Club

Goodreads has their very own official book club, too (well, kind of). The Goodreads Choice Awards Book Club reads fan-favorite books every month, with group members voting on the books they want to read, and then discussing the books together on the Goodreads forums.