People Are Sharing The Most "Single" Thing They've Ever Done & It's Alarmingly Relatable


When I was single and living alone, I used to do this thing where I would cover 80 percent of my face in Bioré strips, eat macaroni and cheese with a spork, and watch old episodes of Sex and the City. Let's focus on the positive here: my skin looked fantastic. All my friends flying solo out there can probably relate, and on a scale of one to single AF, this might not even come close to the most single things people have done.

This was actually something Carrie talked about in Sex and the City: her secret single behavior, or SSB. She used to stand up in her kitchen eating saltines and reading fashion magazines. Charlotte examined her pores in a magnifying mirror for hours at night. Miranda put on conditioning gloves and watched infomercials. Samantha had no secret behavior, because it was Samantha and no craps were given.

To some extent, we can all relate: there are things we'll do in private we'd never do in front of our partners. These days, I'll still cover 80 percent of my face in Bioré strips, but I barricade myself in the bathroom first so my boyfriend can't get in. Then, when he asks how my skin is so clear, I'm all, "Tee-hee! Like, IDK, genetics?"

What's the most single thing you've ever done? Here are what 16 people had to say on Reddit.

Refuse To Change Clothes And Stop Speaking Entirely

Talking is entirely overrated anyway. And honestly, this person deserves a gold medal or a lolli or something. They changed outfits less which means they probably did less laundry which means they saved water. Thus, being single = saving water. Win.

Leave The Bathroom Door Open Every Single Time

I argue this is a surprisingly liberating feeling we all need to experience more often. Nothing screams "Freedom!" quite like dropping one with the door open, effectively saying, "Hey world, I'm doing a number two and I don't care who knows it!"

Purposely Get Carded

Subtle but effective. Well played. Well played. This could only be better if you did it at a restaurant and scored a free dessert. Maybe they'd even come out and sing to you.

Travel Alone

Traveling alone is something we should all do at least once in our lives. It's good for the soul. And worst case scenario, you can always pretend it was your partner who took all those photos of you, even though it was definitely only you and your selfie stick.

Go Clubbing With Yourself

This is a huge bonus. You won't have to hold anyone's hair back at the end of the night after they've had one too many vodka Red Bulls, unless it's your own.

Use The Other Half Of Your Bed For Something Besides Sleeping

I'm sorry, but what else was the other side of the bed made for?...

Oh! That's right. My books.

Have A Sign On Your Home... For Yourself

This will only work as long as you have a family portrait hanging above the fireplace — of you.

Go On A First Date With Yourself

You're so nervous for the big night. What if you don't like you? What if you try to kiss you at your front door? What if you have bad breath?? The first date jitters are real.

Carry On A Casual Conversation With Your Pet

Let the records show I do this regardless of my relationship status, because animals > humans.

Remodel Your Car

Who needs passenger seats anyway? They're a complete waste of space that could be used for something so much better, like your dog or your carry-out order.

Make Physical Contact With Another Human For The First Time In Months

Who needs a SO when you could pay someone else to rub your scalp for free? I'd like to point out they also won't nag you about those toothpaste chunks you always leave in the sink.

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Yourself

Valentine's Day is a time to cherish the one you love most, which is obviously you. Treat yourself. Get dressed up. Take yourself someplace nice. Show yourself how much you care about... you.

Talk To Inanimate Objects

Is this really a single person thing? BRB while I ask my sock.

Build Your Own Movie Theater That Only You Can Enjoy

You will legitimately be able to tell everyone you have a private movie theater in your home that's incredibly exclusive. It's so tough to get into that nobody can except you. How fancy.