14 Photos Of Young Tiffany Trump That Are A Blast From The Past

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Children of presidents usually come into a political campaign as rather private figures. But the public nature of President Donald Trump's pre-politics life means there is a lot out there about his children, from baby pictures to red carpet appearances. So, here are young photos of Tiffany Trump, the president's perhaps most under-the-radar adult child.

As a 24-year-old woman — like most of her peers — so much of Tiffany's life has been documented online. So much so that Tiffany was named a part of the "Snap Pack" by The New York Times in April 2016, a modern take on the Brat Pack.

Tiffany's social media activity is watched like a hawk despite her lack of a role within her father's administration. Her Instagram is filled with shots documenting her first summer off from Georgetown Law School. In an entry to her Instagram story in May, Tiffany posted with a "Cards Against Humanity" expansion pack which makes fun of her dad called "Trump Up Cards," according to People. In March, Newsweek reported Tiffany liked a post about the GOP getting “massacred” in midterm elections in 2018.

Tiffany has continued using social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter like a typical 24-year-old, so it makes sense that there are lots of throwback photos to her childhood, both with and without Donald Trump.