Check Out These Popular Netflix Series If You Haven't Already

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By now you've probably spent so much time watching movie and TV marathons that you've likely already sped through every series there is to watch on Netflix. House of Cards? Finished that. Girlboss? Done. Orange is the New Black? Needed that new season, like, yesterday. So what do you watch when you've pretty much exhausted all of your options? Well, there are actually a few popular shows on Netflix you haven't already heard about that you need to be getting around to watching right now.

The only thing worse than finishing an entire series on Netflix is not having anything else to watch right after it. OK, that may have been an exaggeration. Of course you haven’t zipped through every single title on Netflix, though it may feel like that. Who hasn't felt like they spend so much more time scrolling through television shows and movies than they actually spend watching them? But the truth is that there are actually so many more titles on the streaming platform that are heavily underappreciated and need to be added to your queue ASAP.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy these shows on Netflix that you've maybe been hesitating to check out. I promise that they'll be worth it.



This sci-fi drama made its debut on Netflix during the summer of 2015, and all episodes of the most recent season were released on the platform in early May. The show is about eight completely different individuals who are linked to each other via a mental and emotional connection, which allows them to communicate with one another despite them all being located in different parts of the world. And, sadly, the show was recently canceled, which means not enough people are watching it. Watch it now, already!



A 20something named Dylan (Johnny Flynn) finds himself in a sticky situation when he gets diagnosed with chlamydia and must contact his exes to inform them of his illness.


'The OA'

The OA was created by Brit Marling, who also stars in the series. She plays Prairie Johnson, a 20something who returns to her family after going missing for seven years. But a cloud of mystery still surrounds her disappearance, as she now refers to herself as The OA (Original Angel) and has regained her sight despite having been blind when she disappeared.


'The Keepers'

New to the streaming platform, The Keepers is a seven-episode documentary series that dives into the story of the unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a nun and high school teacher from Baltimore. You won't get out of this one without chills.


'Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On'

Originally a documentary film directed by Rashida Jones, Hot Girls Wanted was recently turned into a series thanks to the film’s popularity. The series’ six-episode first season made its Netflix debut in April, and each episode discusses a different aspect of the porn industry or sex as it relates to popular culture. If you loved the original film, the Netflix series is definitely worth the watch.


'The Killing'

The Killing was actually an AMC series before its fourth and final season was released on Netflix in 2014. It's a crime drama that follows the professional relationship between two detectives, who put aside their differences in order so crack each case.


'Chef's Table'

Chef’s Table profiles some the most unique, world-renowned chefs in the food industry. I'd definitely advise you not to watch this series on an empty stomach.


'Hemlock Grove'

Just as entertaining as it is terrifying, Hemlock Grove is a horror television show that follows all the strange and sinister things taking place in a small Pennsylvania town. That includes deadly and unidentifiable creatures, supernatural occurrences, etc.


'The Fall'

The Fall is a pretty wild ride that stars 50 Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan. He plays a serial killer who's being pursued by a detective in a murder investigation.


'Peaky Blinders'

Peaky Blinders is a British crime drama set in the early 20th century in Birmingham, England. It revolves around a gang called the Peaky Blinders as they navigate through life in England after the First World War.



Easy is a comedy anthology series that tells the story of eight completely different couples navigating life, love, and relationships in their town of Chicago.


'F Is For Family'

Bill Burr and Michael Price created this adult animated comedy series about a short-tempered, '70s era family man who lives in a small suburb with his wife and three children.


'Chewing Gum'

Michaela Coel stars in this hilarious British comedy about a Beyoncé-loving 20something who, despite coming from a very religious family, is obsessed with losing her virginity. The show first aired on E4 in 2015 before hitting Netflix in October 2016.



Flaked was created by Will Arnett, who also lends his voice to the title character in Bojack Horseman, and he stars in the show as a recovering alcoholic living in Venice Beach, California.

I’m not sure what you’re still doing here. You have some shows to marathon through. Get on it.