14 Reactions To Beyonce’s Photo Of Her Twins That Prove We're Already In Love

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Beyhive night owls went wild late Thursday night (or early Friday morning depending on your time zone) when Beyoncé posted the first ever photo of twins Sir Carter and Rumi on Instagram. Dressed in an extravagant and summery purple gown while standing in an opulent-looking garden by the sea, Queen Bey offered fans an eagerly anticipated glimpse of the twins, who turned one month old.

The unveiling shook up fans who have been left in the dark while Beyoncé, 35, and husband JAY-Z, 47, kept a low profile following the twins' birth. The entire family, including first-born daughter Blue Ivy, 5, are currently spending some private bonding time in Malibu for the remainder of the summer.

While most of the responses to the twin's celebratory one-month-old photo have been in congratulations, some responders are expressing their dislike for the twins' names or scratching their heads at the couple's name choice. Beyoncé and JAY-Z, who have won 20 and 21 Grammy Awards respectively and have a joint net worth of $1.6 billion, are unlikely to be squashed by haters, though.

Here are some of the best reactions in the immediate hours after Beyoncé shared a first look at the twins:

1. Warn Us Next Time!

Jenn 🦋 on Twitter

Some members of the Beyhive were not ready AT ALL.

2. Don't Even Try To One-Up This

THAT BITCH on Twitter

Everyone else can take a break for the rest of the week.

3. Racking Up The Likes

Melanie Fajardo on Twitter

Beyoncé already holds the record for most liked Instagram photo of all time. Could she top herself this time?

4. What's A Kardashian To Do?

Abhishek Pratap on Twitter

Don't expect group playdates between the Wests and the Carters, though. Kanye complained that North and Blue Ivy have never even played together.

5. Off On Maternity Leave Now

finn baelor on Twitter

Because we wish Beyoncé's babies are all our babies.

6. The Twins Are #Goals

chewinggumfans on Instagram

While some are calling Beyoncé's babies their babies, others want to actually BE those babies.

7. Some Good News Amid The U.S.-Russia Probe

Joshua White on Twitter

Even the Trump family gets a break today.

8. Is It Too Soon For The Next Album?

Maddie on Twitter

Thank god she didn't make her picture exclusive to Tidal. How many free trials can we sign up for?

9. Beyoncé The Goddess

REiDESiGN.co 👨🏼‍💻 on Twitter

The first Photoshop art has already popped up and the internet waits with baited breath for many more, plus hopefully some hilarious fan recreations.

10. Don't Be Mad, Blue

Treasure on Twitter

One person who might not be jumping for joy? Big sister Blue, who's held the spotlight solo for five years.

11. Blue Ivy Is Ready To Lead

kenny on Twitter

But we're already imagining the sibling rivalry to come.

12. Dreaming Of Rumi & Sir Carter Tonight

RLW on Twitter

So much for sleep.

13. But Can We All Get Over Their Names Now?

state attorney on Twitter

Meanwhile, people are still confused over 1) the gender of the twins (most likely boy and girl) and their names: Is it Sir Carter or Sir Carter Carter?

14. A Gift For The Mortals

Tremaine ☯️ on Twitter

After a month of not hearing anything from Beyoncé, we can finally say THANK YOU.