14 New Netflix Docs That Will Blow Your Mind

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Netflix adds so many documentaries to their site with such frequency that it can be extremely difficult to keep up with all they have to offer — especially if you're looking for docs that are particularly eye-opening. So for anyone searching for recently added documentaries on Netflix that could only be described as mind-blowing, you're in luck, as the below list gathers together the most shocking and surprising documentaries on Netflix to have been added in the past few months.

Some of these docs are brand new, while others are a few years old, but they all have two things in common: none were a member of the Netflix library before summer started, and they're all mind-blowing in their own way. These are docs that will make you reexamine what you eat and how you live your life. They will show you cultures and peoples you didn't know existed, and tell stories about the human condition that are almost impossible to believe. One film on the list might even convince you that outer space aliens have visited the planet and had their existence covered up by the government. So prepare to open your mind and check out these 14 recently added mind-blowing docs on Netflix.


‘What The Health’

FYI, you'll never want to eat anything again after watching this.



These wounded veterans will inspire you with their determination and outlook on life.



Somebody get Fox Mulder on the phone.


‘Pygmies: Children Of The Jungle’

Yes, there really are still tiny tribesman in the jungles of the world living off the land.


‘Banking On Bitcoin’

Don't understand bitcoin? Join the club.


‘Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes Of Apollo’

It's hard to believe a few people in Houston directed humans to the moon almost a half-century ago.


‘A New Economy’

Is the global economy due for a complete overhaul?


‘The Polarman’

Find out how one person is able to survive in the coldest place on Earth.


‘Dying To Know’

These pioneers of LSD use will encourage you to turn on, tune in, and drop out.


‘Feel Rich’

Who knew that hip hop was a breeding ground for healthy, new age lifestyles?


‘My Scientology Movie’

Bonkers stories from inside scientology that will shock you.


‘The Truth About Alcohol’

You'll definitely be surprised at what you'll learn about everybody's favorite beverage.


‘Kardashian: The Man Who Saved O.J. Simpson’

This doc alleges that Kim K's dad destroyed a bag of evidence that would have implicated O.J. Simpson in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.


‘Nobody Speak: Trials Of The Free Press’

With our current president's ongoing war with the media, this doc feels especially chilling.

These recently added Netflix docs are just the thing for when you're looking for an enlightening movie experience, so be sure and check them out before they disappear.