The 35 Most Chilling Documentaries On Netflix

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The great thing about Netflix is there's always something to watch. Whether you want to marathon a TV show or check out a movie, you're almost guaranteed to find something that interests you. This is especially true of the streaming service's documentary selection. There are hundreds of documentaries available to stream on the platform, but probably the most popular are those that tell tales of the macabre. Which is why I've combed through all of them to uncover the most chilling documentaries on Netflix.

The documentaries listed here cover a wide range of subjects, including murder, missing persons cases, sex crimes, climate change, the food industry, politics, and animal abuse. But they all have one thing in common: Every single one of them will bother you at some level. And what's most disturbing is that these aren't just scary movies; they're documentaries. In other words, you can't just tell yourself "It's only a movie" after you watch one of them, because it's not only a movie. These are all documents of real events, which make them so much more frightening than anything even the most twisted minds in Hollywood can come up with. So if you're feeling brave, check out these 34 most chilling documentaries on Netflix.


'Amanda Knox'

This tale is truly terrifying.



The criminal justice system of the United States is more messed up than you think.


'Crips And Bloods: Made In America'

There's a violent war going on less than 10 miles from your favorite celebrities' neighborhoods.


'Interview With A Serial Killer'

A serial killer casually recalls his crimes.



Witnesses who were there for the atomic bombing recount the horror they witnessed.


'Cartel Land'

This documentary gives a new meaning to the term "war on drugs."


'Who Took Johnny'

Few things are more terrifying than having your child stolen from you.


'Holy Hell'

Cults are forever creepy.


'H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer'

Meet the sicko who started a trend.


'The Jihadis Next Door'

ISIS has seeped into Britain, as this documentary shows.


'Killer Legends'

Ever wonder if there's some truth to urban legends?


'Audrie & Daisy'

A horrifying story of rape and online bullying.


'Team Foxcatcher'

The disturbing true inspiration behind the film Foxcatcher.


'The Fear Of 13'

A man spends 21 years on death row... and he's innocent.


'Food, Inc.'

FYI, everything you're eating is killing you, the environment, and the economy. Enjoy your burger.


'Narco Cultura'

It's tough to fight crime in an area where the criminals are worshipped as rock stars.


'The Imposter'

What's worse than having your son go missing? Having an imposter show up years later pretending to be him.


'The Ivory Game'

Learning what's happening to the world's elephants should fill you with worry.


'Welcome To Leith'

A small town in North Dakota becomes a haven for white supremacists.



Serial killers, abandoned mental institutions... who knew Staten Island was so scary?


'The Alps Murders'

An old-fashioned murder mystery that will chill you to the bone.



You'll be surprised at how much harm is inflicted on communities by the natural gas industry.



You'll never go to SeaWorld again after viewing this horror show.


'Shadow Trade'

The illegal dog meat trade is exposed. This may be the most difficult film to watch on this list.


'Aileen Wuornos: The Selling Of A Serial Killer'

Female serial killers are a rarity, but that doesn't make them any less disturbing than their male counterparts.


'The Hunting Ground'

This doc explores just how rampant sexual abuse is on college campuses.


'Whores’ Glory'

This doc explores the world of sex workers.


'An Inconvenient Truth'

Think all that other stuff on this list is scary? Well, none of it matters because the world is ending.


'Behind Closed Doors'

Domestic violence victims open up about their lives.


'Josef Fritzl: Story Of A Monster'

One of the most notorious criminals of this decade is profiled.


'Pervert Park'

Meet a trailer park where every inhabitant is a sex offender.



Human trafficking is a much bigger problem than you think.


'The Thin Blue Line'

This 1988 film is considered a classic, and is one of the earliest and best looks at corruption in the criminal justice system.