14 Sentimental Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Tug At You & Your Mom’s Heartstrings

Mother's Day is approaching and flowers are nice but tugging at the heart strings is better. A sentimental Mother's Day gifts might just make mom tear up — in a good way. Because the last thing you want to do is make mom cry cry, but a tear or two for the sake of sentimentality is fine.

These sentimental gifts don't have to be in-your-face tear jerkers or heart-clenchers. They don't have to just be photo albums of your favorite moments with mom. What's sentimental to mom might surprise you. On one Mother's Day, I gifted my game loving mom a 1,000 piece puzzle customized with a family picture. She unwrapped it and buried her head in her hands. What have I done, I thought. But she looked up and squeaked out a "thank you." I didn't expect the reaction but it was the thought to combine two things she loves into one gift that got her.

Before scanning the last minute Amazon deals for Mother's Day, take a second to give mom another thought. What does she love? What are the small things that mean the most? From heart lockets to full fledged photo albums, playlists to engraved wine glasses, there's a gift that might make mom hold back tears.

Luigi Bormioli White Wine Glass

OK, so not all sentimental gifts have to result in tear shed. Some can be as simple as knowing your mom's favorite wine. Get her name, or her order engraved on a wine glass so she knows you care about her mommy-needs-to-unwind time.

Color Series Photo Book

Sure, you can upload 100 pictures onto Facebook to celebrate your favorite times with mom. But, there's magic to keeping it personal. Invest in a photo book that mom doesn't have to log on for to enjoy.

Personalized Family Necklace

Get mom a light necklace that carries a sentimental weight. Whether her children's names or where in the world they've ended up, she'll always be able to keep everyone close — at least in charm form, dangling around her neck.

25 Days of Kindness

Mom made kindness a value of yours. Give it back by getting mom a scratch off kindness challenge calendar of sorts. Each day will reveal a kindness prompt that will inspire more empathy for the world and others.

Custom Pen and Ink House Drawing - 5x7"

Your mom most likely made your childhood home a warm one. Have an artist customize a sketch of it so that your mom can remember the house she turned into a home for the whole family fondly above the fireplace.

Unwind Lavender Gift Set

Sometimes getting sentimental means acknowledging how hard your mom works and giving her a second to take a break and relax. Recognize your mom and then give her permission to lock herself in her room, ignore your existence for a minute and relax.

Mother's Day Apology Greeting Card

Your words might be the most sentimental gift. Get mom a card that will make her laugh, like this apology list, and then illustrate your love for her with flowery, poetic words of endearment!

Handwriting Turned Into Jewelry

Your handwriting can be featured on a bracelet so that mom can have your cursive skills, and sweet messages, with her forever — not just in a card.

Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

Don't just share cards on Mother's Day and birthdays. Get a book that keeps you and your mom connected through the art of heartfelt letter writing throughout the calendar year.

I Love You Mom And Here's Why

You don't have to limit your feelings for mom to a card. Hash out all your warm feelings for and memories with mom in a journal dedicated to that.

Personalized Family Recipe Cookbook 3 Ring Binder

Gather your family's favorite recipes from the original ones that go back generations to the ones you got from the back of the chocolate chip cookie package. Memories are made in the kitchen. Your family's cookbook is like a photo album but for recipes.

Custom Engraved Family Recipe Cutting Board

If you don't have a library's worth of favorite family recipes, but just one, your gift can still carry the same sentiment as a family cookbook. Just on a cutting board.

Personalized Custom Scented Soy Candle

Who says your sentimental gift can't come with a good laugh?

Thanks For Surviving Nine Months Without Wine- WINE LABEL

If your mom is really into wine, a personal, engraved wine glass pairs well with a bottle of wine that comes complete with a personal message of its own. Whether witty or sweet, the sentiment is there.