14 Unique Socks You Can Wear With Mules

by Rosie Narasaki

Mules are about as trendy as they can possibly get right now, but the question remains: Can you wear socks with mules? It's a tough one, and answers vary depending on who you ask. Some might view it as a faux pas, while others might see it as, well — an opportunity for some creativity. You see, while pairing socks with mules is definitely tricky, it can be done — especially if you're extra choosy about your socks. Standard black footies are going to feel a little like an afterthought, and even those no-show socks you wear with loafers and ballet slippers are going to look strange peeking out of your mules.

The key here is making sure your socks don't look like an accident — and you can do that either by going with statement-making socks, or by being very careful about what kind of socks you pair with what kind of mules. Funky embroidered mules might be nicely balanced with ribbed crew socks, while satin peep-toe mules might work well with lacy fishnet ankle socks. Suffice it to say, there are many ways to skin a cat — and to keep your feet warm (or warm-er, anyway) when you're rocking your new favorite shoes! Sure, you can also always roll your socks down, if you're wearing close-toed mules — but where's the fun in that?

1. Crop Rib Glitter Socks

Crop Rib Glitter Socks, $6, Top Shop

Glittery black crew socks make for a simple yet eye-catching option (bonus points if your mules are shiny as well).

2. Glitter Ankle Socks

Glitter Ankle Socks, $7, ASOS

If you want to up the ante a bit from glittery black socks, give glittery pink socks a try.

3. Lace Trim Fishnet Socks

Lace Trim Fishnet Socks, $7, ASOS

Lacy ankle socks are another good bet, especially for an ultra-femme look.

4. Melody Ankle Socks

Melody Ankle Socks, $4, Top Shop

The lace doesn't have to be around the ankle — lace detailing on the heel can be a cool option too, especially since your heels will be showing.

5. Sheer Fishnet Crew Socks

Sheer Fishnet Crew Socks, $4, Forever21

Pale pink fishnet crew socks can also add a fun vibe to a pair of mules, whether it's by providing a fun counterpoint to a tougher style or by simply serving as a colorful accent.

6. Polka Dots And Rounded Trim Top Socks

Polka Dot & Rounded Trim Top Ankle Opaque Embellished Socks, $11, Amazon

Hey, have polka dots ever been a bad idea? (Don't answer that).

7. Sheer Heart Socks

Valentines Sheer Heart Socks, $7, ASOS

Sheer novelty socks can also be fun, especially if you're going for a more funky look.

8. Ultra-Thin Transparent Ankle Socks

Womens Ultra-thin Transparent Ankle Socks 5 Pairs

Sheer novelty socks with little cartoons on them might be even better.

9. Ruffled Crew Socks

Ruffled Crew Socks, $4, Forever21

Here's another way to mix it up with some fun, lacy detailing.

10. Lace Up Socks

Wolford Lace Up Sock, $27, ASOS

Looking for something a little vampier? Try flirty lace-up socks.

11. Bandless Knee-High Socks

Bandless Knee-High Socks, $7, Bloomingdales

Plain, no-nonsense knee-socks will keep your legs a little warmer, and they won't draw much attention away from your mules.

12. Active Tall Dance Socks

Active Tall Dance Socks, $4, Forever21

If you want to confuse people, grab some toeless knee-socks to go with your open-toed mules. People will be double-taking all day long.

13. Blackout Tights

HUE Styltech Blackout Tights, $19, Amazon

Well, tights aren't technically socks — but they serve pretty much the same purpose, and they'll have a streamlined low-key look with your mules.

14. Micro Fishnet Tights

Micro Fishnet Tights, $8, ASOS

A simple pair of fishnets will add some stylishly punky flair to your look.

What do you think? Will you be pairing glittery ankle socks with your new patent black loafer mules? Fishnet tights with your chunky-heeled open-toed stompers? The options are endless!