14 Subscription Boxes To Get Your Mom For Mother’s Day That Are Worth A Membership Fee

by Brittany Bennett
The Cellar Club

Mother's Day is technically only 24 hours long, and the bouquet of flowers you gave her will last up to about 14 days. But what if you could extend Mother's Day with a gift that keeps on giving? For, let's say, three months. Maybe you just can. With subscription Mother's Day 2019 gift ideas, your mom will be reminded of how appreciated she is long after Sunday, May 12.

If mom can't go a morning without coffee, there's a subscription for her that'll keep beans arriving at her front door each month for as many months as you want. If mom loves a DIY spa day, give her the new and refreshed products to do so every month with a self-care box subscription. Whether it's tea, gardening, crafts or food she's into, there's a subscription box you can have sent to her front door every single month. Welcome to that favorite child life.

Hooking mom up with a subscription gift also comes in handy if you totally spaced and want to do more than just picking up a dozen tulips. Last minute gifts happen. And if you're on a same-day schedule, ordering a subscription gift online is as easy as 1-2-3-click. No matter what you sign mom up for this Mother's Day, she's sure to be thrilled with it — for months to come.

My Garden Box

Tis the season for gardening. Your mom knows that, obviously, but does she have everything she needs to make the most of her raised beds?! If you think she can add a few more herbs to the garden, sign her up for My Garden Box. Each month she'll get a new gardening project, complete with all the tools needed to make it a success.

Mom Time

Moms need a time out too. This box can make that happen. Full of materials revolving around self care from chocolate to spa-treatment-level products, your mom is bound to look forward to her box each month — for up to six months!

Coffee of the Month Club

What if your mom can enjoy the best of a Seattle brew without ever having to go to Seattle? Now she can thanks to this subscription box that brings a new bag of beans to her front porch for three months.

Stitch Fix

Mom barely has time to get a snack in between lunch and dinner. So the chances of her shopping for herself are low. Don't let mom's wardrobe get outdated. And, be honest, you should contribute to her closet because you shop in it all the time. (I'm guilty, sorry mom.) Get mom set up with this service. You set the price for the clothes and pay a $20 styling fee.

Ivory Clasp

If your mom is into her handbags, why not gift her a ~new~ one every month? For less than $45 a month. Without having to go to a department store.

Blue Apron

Mom might be in a dinner rut. Pull her out of the same old chicken breast and broccoli dish with a little help from Blue Apron. She'll get refreshed with new recipes and maybe even introduced to new ingredients. Who knows, you might be over for dinner more often.

Best New York Bagel

Yeah, so, a dozen bagels is greater than a dozen roses. If mom is into bagels, she is aware of this and will appreciate the best bagels in the world showing up on her doorstep every month. Literally wish I were a mom right now so that my child could bestow upon me this monthly rotation of bagels.

Coffee and Book Club

New this week in perfection is the Coffee and Book Club subscription box that brings mom a new blend of coffee and a book to go along with it each month. This might be the kind of book club you want to join with your mother.


What if the flowers you got mom didn't have to wilt? I mean, fresh cut flowers will all eventually wilt. But what if you could seamlessly replace them to keep things fresh, without ever having to go to the florist? Bouqs helps you makes this possible for mom. Just pick the collection you like most, set up a schedule and fresh flowers will be on their way to mom again and again.

Hygge Box

If anyone can enjoy chilling, it's mom. Hygge is described as "preserving happiness everyday by slowing down, being humble, expressing gratitude, feeling safe, and connecting with loved ones." Sounds like something mom can get on board with. Mom has been going full speed since the day you were born. Let her know you want her to chill with a monthly subscription box that delivers candles and other happiness related items to her door.

Book of the Month

Maybe mom is more into tea but is still very into books. How about a straight up book of the month? Each month, for three months, new reading material will arrive in mom's mailbox.

Brown Sugar Box

If your mom loves surprises, set her up with a Brown Sugar Box. Each month she'll open her box — I mean, treasure chest — to find a range of gifts from books to hair care. And she can definitely count on getting her cute t-shirt each month. There's literally no other subscription box she needs. It's all right in here.

Wine Subscription

If mom is ~into~ wine, sign her up for a wine subscription that will teach her about the world of organic and natural wines. The best part is is is that you're in control of how often mom gets these wines. It can be monthly, every other month or quarterly.

Adults & Craft Crate

Mom always knew how to keep you entertained with crafts. Repay the favor with an adult arts & crafts kit that'll keep her engaged with her creativity.