14 Things That Help With Allergies That You Can Keep At Your Desk

Pottery Barn/Amazon

Remember the days we got summers off from school and had no responsibilities? Me neither. Unfortunately, the majority of adults are stuck working over summer break, even though seasonal allergy sufferers are still dealing with awful symptoms. Although we usually think of hay fever as a spring annoyance, seasonal allergies last from spring all the way through fall. When you're stuck at a desk all day while feeling stuffy and fatigued, or sneezing uncontrollably, life is probably pretty miserable. Thankfully, there are things you can do to make it better. Talking to an allergist about treatment options is a good idea. But once you've gotten that squared away, you can keep things that help with allergies right at your desk, you know, just in case.

Having a cold at work is bad enough, but the symptoms usually pass in a matter of days, and you might be able to finagle a sick day out of it. Depending on the severity of your allergies, you could be stuck sniffling for most of the year — and there likely aren't enough sick days to cover all of the time you want to stay curled up in bed. You can keep track of how much pollen is in the air, but if you're stuck behind a desk and need products that will help, look no further.

1A Chic Tissue Box Cover

Monique Lhuillier Marble Tissue Box

Pottery Barn

You already know that you'll need tissues to make it through the day, but why not spruce it up? A marble tissue box adds a bit of elegance to your allergy struggle.

2A Caddy For All Your Medicines

Silver Round Pill Box With Decorative High Gloss Design


If you're taking over-the-counter medication for your allergies, keep the pills in a decorative box to minimize the amount of stuff (and trash) on your desk and take your medicine inconspicuously.

3An Allergy Pillow

Claritin Ultimate Allergen Barrier

Bed Bath & Beyond

Using your lunch break as a chance to rest your eyes? (Yes, it's a thing.) An allergen barrier pillow can make a power nap at work that much more useful — you won't have to worry about dust accumulating on it.

4Facial Mist

Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile, and Lavender


This facial spray doesn't make any allergy-related claims, but the calming scents will help you stay calm when you feel like you'll never have clear nasal passages ever again. Plus, it's refreshing as heck.

5Tea Bag Organizer

YouCopia TeaStand 100+ Tea Bag Organizer


If you have a sore throat thanks to your seasonal allergies, hot tea can bring temporary relief. Keep a tea organizer on your desk with an assortment of soothing flavors.

6Portable Air Purifier

WSTA Air Purifier with True Hepa Filter


Dust and pollen particles can make allergies worse, which is why your symptoms don't always subside even once you're safely inside. An air purifier can help clean the air around you and potentially lessen the severity of your symptoms.

7Sinus Relief Soap

Sinus Relief Goat Milk Soap


Menthol and spearmint soap may not sound appealing, but the smells are said to help with a stuffy nose. If your work has an in-office shower, this is a desk must-have.

8A Funny Sign

"I Sneezed on the Beat and the Beat Got Sicker" Print


Laughing to stop from crying is a valid way of handling the tough things life throws at you, and this Beyoncé lyrical reference is a reminder that your sneezing may actually be cool.

9Essential Oils Roller

Allergy Relief Essential Oil Blend


Essential oils have been shown to help with some allergies, although not all essential oils are safe (and some can worsen symptoms). Research before you buy, and look for an allergy relief roller if you decide to pull the trigger.

10A Comforting Throw

Amped Fleece Throw Blanket

Urban Outfitters

There's nothing better than a cozy blanket when you're feeling under the weather. Even though you can't stay in bed all day, this throw will help you stay chill.

11A Soothing Eye Mask

Rx3 Soft and Smooth Shut Eye Sleep Mask


Itchy eyes are one of the unfortunate side effects of allergies, and when you're staring at a computer all day, they may feel even more irritated. This sleep mask can covertly help you give your eyes a break.

12A Cute Tea Mug

Hello Allergies Mug


Let's be honest — allergies don't really have a silver lining. But you can make the most of it with a bright, colorful mug that'll boost your spirits as you suffer.

13Sleek Tissue Packs

Kleenex Slim Pack Facial Tissue - 6ct


If you're running into a meeting or you want to grab coffee, you won't want to lug around your requisite box of tissues. That's where pocket packs come in — you'll be able to blow your nose without making it obvious that you feel miserable.

14A Mini Trash Can

Mini Can Wastebasket in White/Onyx

Bed Bath & Beyond

When you're blowing your nose incessantly, all of those dirty tissues start to pile up. A mini trash can makes sure that you aren't making a mess on your desk.

There aren't many upsides to allergies, but an excuse to overhaul your desk is always a good thing. And remember — if your symptoms are worsening, it's a good idea to talk to a medical professional.