14 Things You Can Buy For A Disney-Themed Bachelorette Party


Some of us never really outgrow Disney, which would probably explain why I'm sitting here combing my hair with a fork. If your wedding day is soon approaching and you want to celebrate your about-to-expire single status the right way, do it Disney-style — with these 14 things you can buy for a Disney-themed bachelorette party, all available on Etsy.

We probably have such a special place in our hearts for anything and everything Disney because it takes us back to the good old days: our childhood. The days when the biggest dilemma we faced was trying to decide what movie to rent at Blockbuster and what to write in our cootie catchers.

Let's be real: This certainly sounds better than dealing with adult matters, like the ongoing conversation I'm having with my CPA about why I can't deduct pizza delivery as a business expense. (But seriously though, why?)

We're already in love with Disney-themed weddings. Just look at, for example, these princess-inspired wedding dresses that are so gorgeous, you'll want to run out and get married immediately, even if you're single and have to marry your dog instead. (No shame!) Weddings are all about fairytales and romance, so really, Disney fits quite nicely.

Want to celebrate with your squad like a real Disney fan? Try these 14 things you can grab on Etsy.