14 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy At IKEA


If you also regard IKEA like a magical wonderland theme park for adults with attractions not dissimilar to Disneyland's, you're probably constantly thinking of reasons to visit your local store. Or, rather, you're creating reasons to go to IKEA. Because every time you go — even if you go there only to get a few things on your list — you know that, without fail, you're going to find something you didn't knew you could buy at IKEA. Sometimes it's a random food item imported from Sweden you didn't know existed, or sometimes it's a random photo of a cat. Variation is the best part of IKEA's stock.

I'm sure that if you really think about it, you'll realize you've got an on-going list that revolves around going to IKEA. For me, this is partially because the store is too big to spend a full day in and see everything, but also because it gives me a reason to go back consistently. Who doesn't enjoy getting lost in that store? You can grab a few things from the kitchen section this trip, a few things from the lighting area the next trip, some stuff from the food section the next... it works. And every time you're there, you find something new that you didn't even know they sold, but now desperately need. And the list just gets longer...

And now, because I'm cruel, I'm going to share with you all the things you didn't already know you could get at IKEA, because you need another few reasons to spend your Sunday getting lost in the entangled web that is that store.

A Pet Couch


Why get a dog bed or a cat cushion when you can get an all-pet couch?

Lurvig, $49.99, Ikea

A Phone-Charging Lamp


It's a lamp! It's a wireless phone charger! It's both!

Riggad Led Work Lamp, $69.99, Ikea

Blue Cheese


Yes, you can buy packed blue cheese at IKEA. It's a thing.

Ost BlÅmÖgel, $3.59, Ikea

Frozen Shrimp


Come for a couch cover, leave with a bag of frozen shrimp from Sweden.

Sjorapport Shrimp With Shell, $7.99, Ikea



These Swedish waffles are heart-shaped, which instantly makes them better than American waffles. Toppings not included.

Vafflor Waffles, $4.99, Ikea

A Giant Hourglass


To show how quickly life is passing you by?

Tillsyn Decorative Hourglass, $7.99, Ikea

Fake Cacti


This decorative set of ceramic cacti is pretty cute, but isn't fooling anyone.

Sjalsligt, $14.99, Ikea

Decorative Balls


Yes, really. Stack them in a vase, add them to a table setting or display them on a decorative surface. They're just pretty balls.

Somlig, $5,99, Ikea

A Fake Plant Goat


It's a goat made out of fake pine needles. I'm not sure why. But I like it!

Vinter 2017, $39.99, Ikea

A Fake Twig


Why go outside and get a real twig when you can get a fake twig that will be much cleaner for inside decoration?!

Smycka, $5.99, Ikea

A Picture Of A Cat Doing Origami


I mean, I think that's what's going on. I guess if you love cats and origami this is of great value to you.

Edelvik Poster, $4, Ikea

A Giant Stuffed Toothbrush


Maybe this helps kids get excited about brushing their teeth? Or maybe it's the perfect go-to gift from the tooth fairy.

Hemmahos, $14.99, Ikea

A Cookbook


Learn how to bake Swedish classics at your own home! The book includes 30 recipes with easy-to-follow instructions and pictures.

Hembakat, $7.99, Ikea

A Gas Station Poster


Perfect is you want to trick your house guests into thinking your home is a gas station? Or perhaps if you're a big fan of gas stations and want to celebrate your love for them with a decoration!

Edelvik, $7, Ikea