14 Things To Do During The Winter Solstice That Will Help You Recharge

by Alli Hoff Kosik

I'm pretty psyched about the winter solstice and what it means for my schedule. These progressively shorter days have been a major drag, and I cannot wait to fully embrace the few extra minutes of sunlight we get each day as the sun begins moving north again starting on Dec. 21. I'm not so thrilled, however, by the news that this year's winter solstice is going to be a generally no good, very bad day. According to astrologer Susan Miller, it will be "difficult, depressing" and "heavy." Given this news, there are definitely a few things you should do on the winter solstice, which I hope will keep luck on your side — or, at least, minimize the extent to which the bad vibes can get ya.

Can I guarantee that sticking to this list of to-dos will make you immune to the potential harm that Dec. 21 can do? Absolutely not. We're talking about the cosmos here, people, and it's much bigger than all of us. I do think, though, that focusing on these activities (which are more or less just different shades of "laying low") will keep you largely out of the danger zone. I'll catch you on the other side.

1. Wrap Presents

The winter solstice is a great day to finish up that last-minute gift prep. After all, the worst that can happen when you break out the wrapping paper and ribbons is that you get a nasty paper cut. I'm pretty confident you can stick a bandage on that baby should you fall victim to an unfortunate wrapping injury.

2. Purge Your Social Media

Committed to kicking negative social media vibes to the proverbial curb in 2018? Excellent. Get a jump on this by unfollowing the people and feeds that make you feel crummy. You can do it in the comfort of your own home, and as long as you do it quietly and subtly, consequences should be minimal.

3. Read A Book

I know you have a stack of books just waiting to be read over the holidays. Why not cozy up and dig into one of them a little early?

4. Indulge In Comfort Food

Nothing makes me feel more untouchable than an ice cream sundae. If there was ever a day to indulge in whatever delicious food makes you feel similarly sensational, I'd say the so-called "unluckiest day of the year" is the one to do it.

5. Binge Watch

Block out all of the potential dangers of the outside world and get lost in a great new show. If you ask me, the winter solstice is a fantastic excuse to stage a full day of binging.

6. Save Your Money

If Dec. 21 is really going to be as bad as astrologists suggest, it's probably not the right time to make major purchases. Pocket any money you're tempted to spend and revisit the purchase later on.

7. Check On Your Friends

You're not the only one in danger of being hit with the wrath of the winter solstice. There's a good chance that at least one of your friends will be feeling down and out on Dec. 21, so take the opportunity to check in and make sure everyone's OK. (But play it cool. They don't need to know that the day is supposed to be terrible.)

8. Take A Nap

There are few things that a little shut-eye can't fix, and at the very least, squeezing in some extra sleep will ensure that you're better equipped to deal with any frustrations that may come your way. If you have the time for a snooze, take it!

9. Meditate

Like napping, meditation can give you the mental tools you need to manage all the things. When everything's going to you-know-where, this can only be a positive,

10. Clean

Call me crazy, but a good, old-fashioned cleaning session always helps me work out any anxiety I have about things going wrong in my life. And if you're going to stay home to minimize your bad luck, anyway, you might as well get the place in order, right?

11. Put Down Your Phone

My phone has become such an extension of my body that I sometimes forget how much damage I can do when I'm texting, browsing, and scrolling in autopilot. The winter solstice seems like just the kind of day when I would accidentally send a text to the wrong person or somehow manage to royally eff up my bank account with the mobile app. Maybe it's best if my phone and I spend the day apart.

12. Get A Massage

I know that I already warned you against spending money on Dec. 21, but this might be where I make an exception. Indulge in a massage or some other spa treatment that helps minimize your stress. If other things go wrong, you might need it!

13. Journal

Overwhelmed by bad vibes? Write it down! Journaling is a pretty low-risk way to manage your feelings.

14. Buckle Your Seatbelt

This year's winter solstice is not the day to mess around with risky travel practices. Buckle up, look both ways before you cross the street, and do whatever else you can to minimize potential accidents while you're moving from point A to point B.