14 Timeless 'The O.C.' Quotes That Will Remind You Why You'll Always Love The Show

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It's true that some aspects of The O.C. are outdated, like some of the clothing worn on the show. But regardless of the crimes against fashion, a lot about the series is still relatable today; in particular, some The O.C. quotes are actually timeless no matter how many years pass. While Seth Cohen is known for his hilarious sarcasm, everyone from the show actually has great lines, and it might make you miss your TV family from the past a little too much.

The good news is that, because these lines are so relatable, you can still recite them as you re-watch the show today. You may not feel the exact same way that you did the first time you watched Seth and Summer argue like an old married couple when they were only 17, but it will likely feel like coming home. Sure, there are a lot of amazing new TV shows to choose from that you could be watching instead. But if you look back at The O.C., you'll likely gain an even greater appreciation for the show than you ever had before and every other show will pale in comparison.

If you're still dubious, let these classic quotes change your mind.


"Do Not Insult 'Journey,' All Right?"

You might expect this to be a Seth quote, but it's actually a Ryan original, and it adequately conveys how everyone should feel about the band Journey, because, like The O.C., they're timeless.


"I Can't Be Just Friends With You."

When Seth tells Summer that he just can't be friends with her because it's too painful, he strikes a chord in everyone's heart, because who hasn't had that person?


"It's Fate. It's Destiny. We Both Like Burritos"

Seth obviously has high standards for what makes someone a good match for him, and a similar affinity for burritos is a quality everyone should look for in a mate.


"Whoever You Want Me To Be"

After Marissa asks Ryan, "Who are you?" and he responds with this bad-boyish, mysterious answer, it becomes clear that these two rebels will instantly connect. And boy do they connect.


"He's An Artist With Cream Cheese"

While fans might usually rate Kirsten's humor behind her son and husband's, she can whip out a funny line when she needs too, and she cuts the tension perfectly in this scene about — what else — bagels.


"I Think Closure's Overrated, I'm More Of A Fan Of Open-Ended, Unrequited Love."

Seth's sarcasm is truly timeless because making jokes about your terrible luck with romance will likely always be the best way to survive it.


"Even Grown Up, We Are All 15 At Heart"

High school is a pivotal time for most people, even when it's not as dramatic as it is for the people in The O.C.. Summer's quote is relatable for those of us of all ages.


"Sometimes, I Think You Talk Just To Make Sounds"

Ryan is always the more reserved of the two main men of The O.C., but this zinger is something that you can use, too, because everyone has that one friend who just won't stop talking.


"All The Vomit? How Much Vomit? Like The Little Girl In 'The Sixth Sense' Or The Fat Guy In 'Monty Python?'"

No matter what year, people will still get drunk and throw up to some degree, whether it be The Sixth Sense bad or Monty Python level. This Seth quote is definitely timeless, unfortunately for some.


"You're A Cohen Now, Welcome To A Life Of Insecurity And Paralyzing Self-Doubt"

Even if not everyone can be a Cohen, everyone can feel like one, so Seth's quote about feeling wracked with self-doubt is one most people can relate to at one point or another in their lives.


"If You Leave, Then I Don't Want You To Come Back. It's Too Hard Saying Goodbye Like This"

Marissa's lines are memorable mostly for being so dramatic, and this one's no different. It's quintessential Cooper, and it's why O.C. fans will always love her.


"I Can't Change Where I'm From, But I Can Change Where I'm Going"

No matter where anyone is in life, Ryan's redemption story will always be a reminder that it's never too late to change.


"Allow Me To Introduce You To A Little Something That I Like To Call Chrismukkah"

If anyone had to choose the greatest gift from The O.C., it might be the celebration of Chrismukkah, because the holidays are never the same once Seth introduces it to the world in 2003.


"Have Dinner With Us. I Won't Cook, I Promise"

Classic Sandy. Fans of The O.C. will never forget his sub-par cooking skills, or the rest of his family's takeout habits.

So yeah, a re-watch is definitely necessary. Order some takeout, sit back, and enjoy the ride.