The Tumblrs Every Book-Lover Needs To Be Following


Yes, I know your closely guarded secret: you have a Tumblr. You might pretend that you just saw that one funny Tumblr post on a Buzzfeed round up, but deep down I know that you're a trash Tumblr user like the rest of us. And even if you haven't already been sucked into the beautiful hell-scape that is Tumblr, you might still enjoy browsing the occasional blog before returning to the safety of your own internet home. Whatever your Tumbling style, here are a few Tumblrs that all book-lovers should check out.

I know it may seem like Tumblr is all Benedict Cumberbatch memes and sleep deprived college students and weird art, but there's actually a lot of literary fun going on if you know where to look. These blogs will provide you with reading lists, resources, bookshelf inspiration, and a whole lot of book-based nonsense. Peruse them at your leisure for some literary laughs, or follow them all and turn your dashboard into a well curated literary wonderland (and then maybe you won't be too embarrassed to show your Tumblr to civilians).

Here are some of the best Tumblrs for the book lovers who just can't get enough books:


Better Book Titles

Better Book Titles takes all your favorite books and makes the titles better (or at least, much more accurate). It's one of the best literary comedy blogs out there. Classic "better" titles include Drink Responsibly for The Great Gatsby and How I Met Your Mother for Oedipus the King.


Book and Beer

The title says it all. Book and Beer offers you book and beer pairings, for an optimal reading experience. You can even submit your own book and beer experience, to be enshrined forever on the internet.


Writers and Kitties

Everyone knows that a kitty is a writer's best friend. Writers and Kitties shares photos of famous writers and their feline companions through the years, since every writer needs a cat to periodically jump on their keyboard and shred their chair.



Slaughterhouse90210 pairs quotes from your favorite books with stills from your favorite TV shows. It's a witty mash up of classic lit and pop culture, and it might even make you think a little more deeply about the literary roots of TV's most popular characters.


Strand Books

Even if you don't live in New York, you could still use a whole lot more of Strand Books in your life. Strand is one of the oldest indie bookstores in the country, and its Tumblr is full of reading recommendations, book art, and, of course, the latest cool events going down at the Strand.


The Lisa Simpson Book Club

Join The Lisa Simpson Book Club for reading recommendations from the most bookish Simpson child. There have been a lot of Simpson episodes, and Lisa has read a lot of books. Lucky for us, her taste is pretty great, so check out her book club and start reading.


Go Book Yourself

Go Book Yourself is pure reading recommendations from actual people, not from an algorithm or a robot who lives in your computer. They have a lot of great books to show you, and their design is pretty adorable to boot.


Awesome People Reading

Awesome People Reading is, indeed, a collection of photos of awesome people reading. Authors, celebrities, historical figures, and even a few fictional characters appear on this blog with a book in their hands. Just more proof that all the cool people like to read.


Literary Jukebox

Literary Jukebox is such a brilliant idea, I'm shocked no one has ever come up with it before. Every post pairs one great literary quote with one great song. It's perfect if you're looking to create a playlist based on your dream bookshelf.


Writers No One Reads

If you're looking for obscure authors, scroll through Writers No One Reads. This is a Tumblr dedicated to getting the word out about writers who just don't get read nearly as much as they should, and you just might discover a literary gem or two.


The Final Sentence

Spoiler alert for every book ever written, because The Final Sentence is a whole blog of final sentences. If you like your literature to be wildly out of context, then this is the blog for you.


You Chose Wrong

Speaking of out of context, there's You Chose Wrong. Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? Well, You Chose Wrong is a collection of some of the weirdest and most grizzly endings from those adventures (they always seemed to end in dismemberment).


Tattoo Lit

If you love books so much that you want to permanently inscribe them on your skin, you need to check out Tattoo Lit. It's full of inspiration if you're looking for a literary tattoo of your own, or just gorgeous, literary body art if you (like me) are terrified of needles and permanency.


Pretty Books

Pretty Books is, as you might suspect, full of pretty books. Scroll through and you'll find page after page of lovely book photos and paintings. You might even be inspired to finally take a second look at your own bookshelf.