Dozens Of Goats Busted Into An Unsuspecting Town & Now Goat Twitter Is LIT

Animals on the loose news always brings people together. And on Friday morning, there were a lot of animals on the loose, perhaps in direct proportion to how desperate we all are for something fun right now. Dozens of goats escaped in Boise, Idaho, and roamed a residential neighborhood, eating every plant in sight. 2015 might have brought us two llamas on the run, but in 2018 it takes nearly 100 goats to try to make things better. This is the world we live in.

These weren't just any goats. These goats have jobs. They are employed by a company called We Rent Goats that — and you'll never guess this — rents goats. They're put to work to remove weeds from properties and help prevent wildfires by eating brush. According to KTVB Boise, the goats were grazing at a nearby location, but escaped and took to a West Boise neighborhood.

It was there that KTVB's Joe Parris caught the goats on camera in photos and videos that he shared on Twitter for the world to see. His first tweet has 26,000 retweets and over 60,000 likes at the time of this post's publication. The pics and videos are really a sight to see, because it's not just a couple of goats in a yard. There are so many of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they're really chowing down.

According to KTVB, animal control responded to the scene with a single truck, but it was immediately clear that would not be enough. Soon, though, We Rent Goats showed up and was able to load the goats into their own transportation.

Of course (and as is clear from Parris' tweet going viral), the people of Twitter loved this. Here are some of the very pun-heavy reactions to the great goat takeover.

"They're Maaaaaaaad"

Get it?

Goat Puns No Know Limits

The possibaahhhlities are endless.

"The End Is Neigh" Part 2


It Could Actually Be Done

Hey, We Rent Goats is going to exist either way. They probably don't care if the money is from Kickstarter or not.

Welcome, Goats

Unfortunately, they are already employed and have no plans of getting into the business of ruling us all.

Terrifying... Or Adorable?

It might not be so bad.

This Menacing Tweet...

Watch out! They'll mow your grass!

... And This Wonderful Follow-up


It's True

Stop the presses! Or start them! Do something with the presses!

It's A Real Company

... thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Nothing But Support

Their cause and mission is removing weeds and preventing wildfires, so this actually checks out.

It Was A Bonding Moment

Well, we had to find out what happened.

Everyone Wants To Meet Them

Goat yoga is a thing, so clearly people just want to be around goats all the time.

An Iconic Goat Of Cinema

Never has this Mrs. Doubtfire GIF been more appropriate.

The great goat escape might be over, but we'll always have the memories.