Useful Mother’s Day Gifts For A New Mom
A Filipino mother lays beside her young daughter as she tucks her into bed for the night.  They are ...
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On April 4, my daughter was born — and while I totally thought that I had everything I needed to prepare, it turns out that that wasn't the case. In celebrating my first Mother's Day this year, I realized there are a few useful Mother's Day gifts for new moms that would make my life so much easier. Since even though newborns are incredibly amazing, every stereotype about lacking sleep and losing patience is totally true.

Even though my daughter will probably be "buying" gifts through her father (since she can't lift up her head all the way, so she's obviously not going online shopping) they'll till be incredibly meaningful. And not just because getting gifts is a wonderful thing — it's because that special "thank you" for doing the mom job is so rewarding. That's why things like macaroni art and noodle necklaces will one day be everything I need. But sadly, those sort of gifts might be a little confusing coming from my husband this year.

If you're looking for the perfect and useful gift for the brand new mom — whether it's your frustrated wife, suddenly-not-as-responsive-through-text best friend, or your very tired sister — here are a few wonderful things that are sure to be hits.


A Roomba

Roomba, $500, Bed Bath & Beyond

OK, so not everyone can afford to gift a Roomba But if multiple people are looking to make a contribution, it's just perfect. Why? Well, because time is kind of a valuable thing these days (if the mom in your life even has a sense of time anymore) and vacuuming usually isn't as high of a priority. If the house has pets, even better — Fido is great, but there's nothing worse than dog hair on a onesie.


Cute Nursing Tops

Nursing Top, $44, milk & baby

I had all of these big plans of being "fashion mom" after giving birth. Then, my daughter arrived. The best tops right now are the ones that give me quick boob access, since nursing takes a lot of time as-is. Luckily, cute tops like the one above exist that'll make her feel fierce, both inside and out.


Birthstone Rings

Rings, $28.00+, JessicaCoxJewelry/Etsy

This gift idea is a special type of useful. You can find pretty, not-too-expensive gemstone rings that'll help commemorate the month in which the little one was born. This serves as a reminder that there are so many wonderful milestones ahead — which is wonderful to remember when she's up at 3:00 a.m. with a screaming newborn.


A White Noise Machine

Snooz White Noise Machine, $79, Amazon

No, not for the newborn — for her. My husband and I realized that despite the constant wake-ups, the white noise machine we were gifted at the shower really helped us get back to sleep pretty soundly. While any one will do, the Snooz will be able to connect to her phone for easy programming.


Scented Soaps

Scented Soaps, $10, ModCloth

It's easy to fall into the common thought of, "I smell like spit-up, and that's my life now." If you buy her a cute set of scented soaps it may just remind her that these messy phases are only temporary. They'll end in just a short 15 years or so.


Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs, $7.95,

This one's important for the same reason as the hand soap. Mom needs to relax right now, and this bath bomb from LUSH is absolutely perfect. She'll leave that tub feeling like a brand new person.



Candles, Prices Vary, Target

Not only do candles help new moms find a little peace, but they smell super nice. Since there's a host of brand new — erm — "scents" around the house, candles like these will make your mommy friend feel like her living space is still fresh.


Heat-And-Eat Foods

Jimmy Deal Hashbrowns, Prices Vary, Target

Now, hear me out. It might not sound like a fun gift, but it's definitely a useful gift — and it'll save her a bunch of money these first few months. It's important for new moms to eat, but if she's trying to balance work and motherhood, it might not be easy to cook at all. One great product she might want to try are these stuffed hashbrowns from Jimmy Dean (prices vary by location.) All she needs is a microwave, and she's got an easy and delicious breakfast.

You can always find a few boxes of different heat-and-eat foods and dress them in a nice box (with an ice pack or two.) She might give you a strange look, but she'll truly appreciate it.


A Mini-Steamer

Mini-Steamer, $25, HSN

Trust me — the ironing board isn't going to be making an appearance anytime soon. But if your mom-friend is going back to the office soon, she'll at least want to make sure that her clothes don't have the "new mom" crinkle in them. The "My Little Steamer" from Joy Mangano will be her new best friend.

Even better, it comes in a bunch of different colors. It's quite possibly the cutest steamer ever.


A Fluffy Robe

Richie House Fluffy Robe, $36, Amazon

There's a 75 percent chance that your mom friend currently has a pacifier in her pocket right now. It just happens. This robe from Richie House has deep pockets, so she can pick up after her tiny little resident while staying warm. I pretty much lived in the mauve version of this robe for about two weeks after my daughter arrived.


"Letters To My Baby" Book

Letters To My Baby Book, $11, Amazon

This gift is perfect because it focuses on mom, but will be extremely sentimental for baby way down the line. Motherhood is a confusing transition, and the lady you're celebrating will likely forget a lot of these crazy wonderful emotions in a few years. In fact, she probably already forgot about the pain of labor and the first trimester morning sickness. By buying her "Letters To My Baby," she'll be able to jot things down while they're still fresh.


A Mini-Garden

Garden-In-A-Can, $24, The Grommet

It's gardening season — but the mom in your life might not be able to celebrate to the fullest. That's why this Garden-In-A-Can set is perfect. She'll get to have the herbs she loves, but won't need to go outside and till soil.