14 Ridiculously Adorable Videos Of Dogs Learning To Swim

by Lia Beck
David McNew/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the best things about the internet is the sheer amount of dog videos available for instant viewing. If you want (and why wouldn't you?), you can spend hours watching videos of puppies try to walk down the stairs, baby dogs attempting to bark, and old dogs who just don't give a damn anymore and have taken over their owner's couches. There is so much dog content out there that you can even be specific about what you want to see. So, if you're looking for videos of dogs learning to swim, that's covered too.

The videos below depict a bunch of dogs learning how to swim and adjusting to the water. The whole gang's here: There are Labrador retrievers; there are Chihuahuas; there are big groups of dogs; there are puppies going it solo; there are dogs jumping right into the deep end; there are dogs doing that thing where they paddle even though they are just being held over water and not actually in it; there's even one dog that's attempting to swim with no water below him at all! Silly pup!

People love uploading videos of their dogs doing just about anything, but swimming videos are some of the best. The dogs are just so curious and have such apprehensive looks on their faces. Who doesn't love a dog with an apprehensive look on its face?!

If you love dogs, need some cheering up, or are sick of this hot summer and want to live vicariously through some cool puppies, then enjoy the videos below.

1. A Curious Puppy

This puppy was very intrigued by an inflatable pool, but once she got in... not really loving it.

2. A Whole Bunch Of Labs

A big group of Labrador puppies got introduced to the idea of swimming, and, for some reason, want to jump right into the water instead of walking into the shallow end. Dogs are weird.

3. A Tiny Chihuahua

This very small Chihuahua went swimming for the first time in what can't be more than eight inches of water.

4. Another Teeny Pup

One of the best things about dogs swimming is when they try to swim while not actually in the water. This Yorkie puppy really delivers on that front.

5. Natural Swimmers

These eight-week-old labradoodles took to the pool pretty easily.

6. This One Doesn't Even Need Water

This dachshund tried to swim while in the bath... but there was no water in the tub yet.

7. Not A Fan

This beagle puppy didn't warm up to the water very quickly and did some funny moves with his legs to try to make the process smoother.

8. Air Swimming Champion

I mean... this is just glorious.

9. Puppies In The Pool

Another entry from the "whole buncha dogs swimming at once" category, this one also features a bonus large dog and human baby.

10. Puppies Going Swimming With Their Dad

This clip from the best TV show ever Too Cute! shows a group of puppies learning to swim with their dad, who has taken up swimming as a hobby, apparently.

11. A Dip With A Hedgehog

This puppy isn't swimming exactly, but she is getting used to the water in a tiny pool along with a hedgehog that actually is swimming.

12. Pool Snacks

These puppies got comfortable with the water with some help from a whole lotta treats.

13. Inside Swimming

This little beagle didn't need a fancy swimming pool and instead had a swimming lesson/took a bath in a plastic bin.

14. Just Practicing

He thinks he's doing it right, but he's not entirely sure.

If you want to go swimming now and/or adopt a dog, that's totally understandable.