14 Weird Story Collections (By Women) That Will Haunt You

Looking for something a little different to read this month? I've picked out 14 weird story collections by women that will haunt you — and your nightstand — until you've read all the wild and wonderful tales contained between their covers.

We've all been there. You fall in love with a new genre, series, or writer, and then find yourself slogging through three or four books in a row, wishing you had anything to read other than more of the same. There's nothing that will stall you out off a great reading binge like a lack of variety, which is why I will always advise you to mix up your TBR pile as much as possible. Boredom is one of the biggest hurdles a book-lover must overcome, so you should always seek out new and different reading experiences.

With this in mind, I've picked out 14 weird story collections,* all written by women, that I think you're going to love. The short fictions in these books have stuck with readers long after they turn the last page.

* It's worthwhile to note that I'm using "weird" here to describe a certain quality of the fiction, not to refer to the weird fiction genre.