13 '00s Christmas Songs That '90s Kids Were So Obsessed With

Peter Kramer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When you're back in your childhood bedroom during the holidays, it's hard not to let nostalgia wash over you. Why not revisit the 2000s Christmas songs that you loved growing up, even if you fully identify as a '90s kid.

Christmas music can be a touchy subject this time of year — whether you're annoyed the the radio jumpstarted the season in October, wondering how many of covers of Wham's "Last Christmas" we need in this world, or rejecting pop songs altogether in favor of traditional carols. Christmas songs also take a while to stick sometimes, and a lot of the yuletide jams in the early 2000s were released in the previous decade. Let's only mince pies here, not words, Mariah Carey is the true holiday queen of every '90s kid's heart.

That said, there are plenty of hits from the turn of the century (it's still funny to call it that, even in 2017) that we all remember and used to love. Unfortunately, just because Hoku's "Another Dumb Blonde" is featured in the 2000 classic Snow Day, it's not a Christmas song or even a holiday song. Here's what does make the cut, as long as your CD player didn't skip.

1. "Christmas Is All Around"

OK so it's not a real song per se, but don't act like the Love Actually Cinderella story doesn't bring a nostalgic smile to your heart.

2. "This Christmas"

You might remember the 2007 Chris Brown cover better, but what '90s kid isn't obsessed with Xtina?

3. "Better Days"

Wanna feel old? NBC called the Goo Goo Dolls a "classic rock band" during the 2017 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Anyway, this Christmas song is perfect.

4. "My December"

Does anything speak to the adolescence of a '90s kid like Linkin Park? Count it.

5. "Yule Shoot Your Eye Out"

Fall Out Boy and bad puns, who could ask for anything more?

6. "Mistletoe"

Remember Colbie Caillat?! The perfect study music, and that's a compliment.

7. "Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End)"

For the '90s kid who watched music videos on Fuse, not MTV, in the '00s.

8. "What Christmas Should Be"

There's something about Hillary Duff that screams '90s kid optimism. Did you prefer "Santa Claus Lane" or that one with Lil' Romeo? They all happened!

9. "Merry Christmas Happy Holidays"

It wouldn't be a '00s jam without NSync's album Platinum Christmas.

10. "8 Days Of Christmas"

It also wouldn't be a true jam without Destiny's Child.

11. "Christmas Song"

Lady Bird may have reignited your love for Dave Matthew's Band, so we have to include this quiet gem.

12. "Elf's Lament"

Only '90s kids would giggle at Barenaked Ladies collaborating with Michael Bublé. It's such a strange combo and such a fun song.

13. "Oh Holy Night"

While "The Trouble With Love Is" might give you Christmas feels because of Love Actually, Kelly Clarkson's cover of this classic is to die for, and what '90s kid didn't at least pretend to be obsessed with American Idol.

14. "Christmas Tree"

Just barely making it at 2009, we have to acknowledge the craziness that is this overtly sexual Gaga song. '90s kids are truly blessed.

15. "The Christmas Shoes"

Maybe you're obsessed with this depressing song, maybe you're obsessed with avoiding it and running out of the store every time it starts to play. Either way, it made an impact. Did you know Rob Lowe was in this video?!

Have you dug out your low-rise jeans, track suits, and puffy jacket yet? Some things are meant to be forgotten. If you still love these '00s Christmas hits, haven't thought about them in years, or wonder why you ever liked them in the first place, it's always worth a trip down Memory Lane.