15 '90s Clothing Trends That Could Come Back This Year

Urban Outfitters

If you haven't already noticed, '90s fashion is back in full force. Everywhere you look, platforms, distressed denim, and crop tops are all over, from the runways to the streets. These '90s trends could come back in 2017, reliving the glory days of walkmans and clear plastic telephones.

Talk to any '90s junkie, and they'll wax poetic about flannels, brown lipstick, and the grunge movement as a whole. It seems like the love for this decade just won't die, with designers showcasing the biggest trends on their runway and some brands even getting a second revival (Esprit, anyone?).

The '90s were such an exciting time as a whole. Sure, fashion was fun, but it was also the beginning of beepers, cellphones, and yes, CD players. There was a certain feeling of freedom that came with finally being able to carry your communication and music with you. People began using ICQ and AIM to "chat" with people using their fingertips. It truly was a time when the technological advancements felt limitless. That new era — the feeling of freedom and self-expression — also came in the form of how people dressed.

In 2017, people crave that feeling again, which is why these '90s trends are definitely going to come back, or at the very least, stay, if they've already been revived.

1. Mom Jeans


Green Cast Mom Jeans, $80, Top Shop

High-waisted and extremely comfortable, mom jeans have already made a comeback, but this year, they're becoming a staple.

2. Birkenstocks


Birkenstock Arizona Metallic Copper Leather Flat Sandals, $119, ASOS

Birkenstocks in fun colors, especially metallics, will be huge for the rest of the year.

3. Small Sunnies

Urban Outfitters

Sadie Slim Oval Sunglasses, $16, Urban Outfitters

Gone are the days of oversized sunglasses — we're back to little frames, Mary Kate and Ashley style.

4. Doc Martens

If Gigi Hadid is doing it, the rest of the fashion world will, too.

5. Timberlands

They come in different colors now.

6. Matching Sets


Printed Cropped Flare Pant, $40, Eloquii

This trend makes dressing up so easy and fun.

7. Backpacks

Mini Calf Leather Backpack, $795, Opening Ceremony

In millennial pink, no less.

8. Bandanas

Urban Outfitters

Floral Paisley Bandanas, $8, Urban Outfitters

Whether you're wearing a bandana on your head, around your arm, or tied to your purse, you're sure to be on trend.

9. Denim Overload

Bella Hadid has got the denim on denim trend down. Remember Justin and Britney's all-denim outfits?

10. Band Tees


Hardwired...To Self Destruct T-Shirt, $27, Metallica

Better as vintage, these band tees are, and will be, everywhere.

11. Major Crop Tops

Sure, crop tops are back, but ultra crop tops are about to blow up.

12. Overalls


Plus Size Levi's Jean Overalls, $32, Kohls

What's old is new again.

13. The Platform


Seychelles Forward, $100, Zappos

Aside from being way more comfortable than stilettos, platforms are super stylish, too.

14. Off-The-Shoulder Tops


Trendy Plus Size Off-The-Shoulder Lace Top, $69, Macys

Kelly Kapowski would definitely be into this look.

15. Jelly Shoes


ASOS FROU Jelly Flat Sandals, $19, ASOS

These are the perfect mix of '90s and 2017 — you've got the Jelly element paired with the modern sandal silhouette.

Love it or hate it, there's no denying that '90s fashion is definitely here to stay, and will continue to. The nostalgia game is strong, and emotions create sales. It's no wonder practically every designer and retailer is showcasing something from the '90s decade. Expect to see these styles (and more) make a comeback this year.