15 Best Pride Signs From Past Pride Parades

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Along with many other important events, this year's Pride is being affected by the coronavirus. While you may be used to a grand parade with LGBTQ members and their allies gathered together to celebrate their advancements and themselves, this year you may have to adjust to virtual celebrations. And though there are probably plenty of things you'll miss from the IRL Pride parade, one thing you might miss in particular are the creative and meaningful signs you see. But it's OK. For now, you can reminisce about the best Pride signs from past Pride parades.

Though Pride is considered a parade, the first ever Pride parade was celebrated a year after the Stonewall Riots in 1969, which were in response to the police raid of the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay club/bar in New York. People protested for six days after seeing the police violently remove patrons and employees from the bar. The Pride parade, then called the Christopher Street Liberation Day March, was used as a tool to make the LGBTQ community seen and also create a space where they could feel proud of their identities. Signs played a role in the parade, to send clear messages that the community was not going to tolerate any hate.

Here are 15 of the best Pride signs.

1. "Jesus Didn't Turn Away People And Neither Do We."

2. "You Know What's Weaker Than The Economy? Your Homophobia."


3. "I Adore My Lesbian Daughters. Keep Them Safe."

3. "Don't Hide That Pride."


4. "It's Raining THEM."

5. "I Dream Of Kissing You In Public."

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6. "Dragons And Elves Belong In Our Worlds. And So Do You."

7. "Love Is A Terrible Thing To Hate."

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8. "I Am Out. I Am Free. I Am Human."

9. "The Queer Umbrella Has Room For All."

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10. "Harry Potter Taught Us That No One Deserves To Live In A Closet."

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11. "Straight was my phase."


12. "We March For Those Who Can't."

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13. "If God Hates Gays Why Are We So Cute?"

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14. "The World Has Bigger Problems Than Boys Who Kiss Boys And Girls Who Kiss Girls."

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15. "I Won't Apologise For Who I Am."