These Boyfriend Pillows & Body Pillows Are Perfect If You Don't Have A Partner Right Now
by Mia Mercado
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As we all creep closer to considering our plants our coworkers, those of us who are living sans significant other during this time of self-quarantining may be feeling a specific kind of loneliness. You crave both physical contact and keeping yourself and others safe. You want to feel the warm embrace of another but can’t leave your house. Enter, the boyfriend pillow. It is, as its name suggests, a pillow that takes the place of a human partner. If you’re trying to snuggle while still adhering to the six-feet-apart rule, you’re in luck because finding the best body pillows when you’re solo, like the aforementioned boyfriend pillow, has never been easier.

Surprisingly, sleeping in the same bed as a partner has been linked to better sleep health. According to 2016 report on sleep health by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 67 percent of married people self-reported healthy sleep. While not drastically different than the 62 percent of adults who’ve never been married who reported healthy sleep, but still, a slight advantage.

While there isn’t much specific research on sleeping with a body pillow — like whether it is as effective as, say, a human boyfriend — some experts recommend sleeping with a body pillow may help with back pain or other general discomfort while sleeping. Regardless, if you’re looking for something to snuggle up to while you snooze, here are 15 boyfriend pillows and body pillows to keep you company.


The Original Boyfriend Pillow


A Beefier Boyfriend Pillow

How soon is too soon to upgrade to this muscle-y boyfriend pillow? That's something you'll have to figure out on your own.


A Classic Body Pillow

Long of a partner that is rectangular and squishy? A classic body pillow is for you.


A Budget-Friendly Body Pillow

Looking for a quarantine partner that's a cheap date? This budget-friendly body pillow is the partner you seek.


An Even More Budget-Friendly Body Pillow

This even budget-friendlier pillow is the pillow you tell your less budget-friendly pillow not to worry about.


A Carrot Body Pillow

This pillow partner will be the life of the party*.

*the nightly gathering you have with your laptop, lamp, and houseplant.


A Bear Body Pillow

Quarantine boredom got you down? Why not reenact The Revenant with this bear-shaped body pillow.


A Dog Body Pillow

If you're not sure if you're ready to commit to caring for an actual dog, this pillow dog is just as snuggly and requires significantly less care.


A Fox Body Pillow

Reenact the entirety of Fantastic Mr. Fox with this cozy fox-shaped body pillow. What else do you have going on right now?


A Baby Deer Body Pillow

If you feel like going full Snow White, you can cozy up to this baby deer body pillow. Singing birds not included.


A Body Pillow Splurge


A Multi-Functional Body Pillow

Get yourself a pillow that does it all: snuggles, supports, and keeps you well-rested.


A Full-Support Body Pillow


A Body Pillow To Keep You Cool

If you're one to overheat when you sleep, this cooling body pillow will keep you cozy and comfortable while you sleep.

If all else fails, you can always stack up all the couch cushions and go full Princess and the Pea.

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