15 Candles That Smell Exactly Like The Holidays

Courtesy Nest Fragrances

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Candles are one of the few tiny extravagances in life that we all seem to be in total agreement in about. They're not really necessary at all, yet... we all love them. Whether you want to make your room smell like fried chicken, an old book, or the North Pole itself, there's a candle for everyone. In fact, holiday candles are some of the most popular seasonal options out there (Perhaps unsurprisingly, the chicken candle is not quite as popular as some other scents.). There's something undeniably cozy about any candle, but add a festive theme to it (and honestly, pretty much anything) and things go to a whole other level. And after all, what's cozier than a peppermint-scented, gingerbread-themed, Santa Claus-approved room accessory? Exactly.

The smells I associate with the candles range from your classic scents — the smell of pine, cookies baking, logs burning in a fireplace — to more complex aromas. The dull, yet comforting notes of a Target hallway, for example... AKA the place you go over the holidays when your parents house starts to slowly drive you to madness. While the latter might not be in candle form quite yet (I'll wait), the aforementioned varieties of candles are available from just about anywhere. So how exactly do you know which are best? Well, that's where I come in. As someone who has 2 - 12 candles burning in her home at all times, I know a good candle when I see/smell one, so I put together some of the very best. From your most basic holiday scents to the slightly more trendy varieties, here are 15 candles that smell exactly like the holidays.

Christmas Tree

Jo Loves Christmas Tree Candle, $85, Sephora

This might be my favorite candle on the list. If you guys are wondering if an expensive candle is worth it — it is. It lasts longer, the scent is gorgeous, and it is as relaxing as it gets. Plus, this smells like the magical version of your family Christmas tree — so fragrant it almost seems impossible, but not overly sweet, either.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Candle, $28, Yankee Candle

What does Christmas Eve smell like, you ask? Well, according to Yankee Candle, it smells like "scents of a warm hearth" and "sugared plums." Yup, sign me up.

Cedar Stack

Cedar Stack Candle, $29, Boy Smells

Even though I personally spend most holidays at my parents' house in Florida, I always found the idea of being amongst snow and woods really comforting. This isn't your typical, sweet candle smell, but something a little smokier.

Holiday Classic

Holiday Classic Candle, $40, Nest Fragrances

This scent is warm, inviting, and a little citrus-y. It's not in your face as much as it is subtle and comforting — you know, the things we all wish our relatives were at family get-togethers, but never are.

Christmas Cookie

Christmas Cookie Candle, $16, Yankee Candle

Does it get more classic than this? I think not. I also dare you not to eat this one, because you'll want to. (It's weird, I know, but you have to fight the urge.)


Christmas Layered Candle, $130, Jo Loves

This is all your favorite scents in one. As the Jo Loves websites states, "Christmas Trees," a scent of fresh pine, aromatic lavender, incense and amber melts into delicious Plum Pudding, full of candied citrus fruits, which rests upon a base Log Fires." Need I say more?

Spruce Cuttings

Spruce Cuttings Holiday Candle, $16, Voluspa

Sure, you may have gotten that tree from your local grocery store or not have a tree at all, but who says you can't enjoy the glorious scent of spruce in another way?

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum Coconut Wax Candle, $38, Lalicious

One word: Mmmmmmmmmmm.

White Barn Winter

Winter Barn, $13, Bath & Body Works

For those of you whose holiday interests fall somewhere in between frolicking in the snow and watching Fixer Upper on the couch.

Frosted Forest

Limited Edition Frosted Forest Scented Candle, $70, Diptyque

This one is almost too pretty to burn. Almost.

Gilt Pomander & Hinoki

Scalloped Edge Embossed Glass Candle, $22, Voluspa

Alright, this one has a fancy name, but all you need to know is that it's shiny and it features holly berries. OK, done.

Winter Candy Apple

Winter Candy Apple Candle, $25, Bath & Body Works

Every holiday season needs a little sugar, after all.

Christmas At The Beach

Christmas At The Beach, $28, Yankee Candle

Spend your holidays on vacation? This candle is perfect for you, mixing pineapple and coconut with more traditional holiday notes.

Wood Fire

Wood Fire, $64, Diptyque

Nothing cozier than a fire and a holiday movie.

Birchwood Pine

Birchwood Pine, $40, Nest Fragrances

This is a classic candle that every holiday lover needs in their collection.