19 Holiday Candles That Will Look Great On Your Instagram

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In the grand list of things that are good about winter, holiday candles land pretty close to the top for a solid chunk of people. The spicy, pine-y, sweet, and sometimes-boozy fragrances of the limited edition scents that start to hit shelves in late fall seem to draw in shoppers more than their springtime counterparts. In fact, according to the National Candle Association (yes, that's a real thing) about 35 percent of candle sales happen during the holiday season.

But with the rise of social media, the scent isn't everything: You also need a candle that'll pair well with all the Instagram photos you plan to take while hiding inside, away from the horrific winter winds. Of course, your favorite candle brands are delivering on all fronts. Whether you like a minimal white votive or massive, gold-plated five-wick, there's a candle on this list that'll slot into your grid perfectly. Oh, and of course, they all happen to smell amazing, too.

Fir & Mint

Diptyque Unicorn Frosted Forest Scented Candle, $70, Nordstrom

Between the green wax and the gold unicorn label, have you ever seen a candle begging to be photographed more?! If you're really into the mystical motif, you can buy a set of three that includes a dragon and phoenix print as well.

Saffron & Tobacco

Howl, $68, PHLUR

Indie fragrance brand PHLUR sells clean, white candles that are reminiscent of a perfect little snowball — and the ceramic vessel is specifically designed to reuse after you've burnt up the wax. All the scents work pretty well for any season, but Howl's smoky tones make it excellent for cooler weather.

Orange & Cinnamon

Mercury Prism Candle, $12-$18, Paddywax

These candles give off a cool, crystal vibe — and they smell like the holidays in a jar.

Eucalyptus & Clove

Snow-Capped Candle, $28, Anthropologie

Sure, it has snow in the name, but this pretty gold and white candle will look great in your photos all year round.

Sandalwood & Smoke

"RUE VERTBOIS" Bougie Parfumée Scented Candle, $85, Cander Paris

If you love a scent that reminds you of wandering through the woods but you're kinda over all-pine-everything, this lovely sandalwood and smoke candle is a perfect upgrade. Plus, that green glass looks ultra glam in photos.


Cedar Stack, $29, Boy Smells

The light pink packaging and cheeky name on these candles make them the ultimate Instagram catnip. All their scents are delightful, but the Cedar candle is particular good for winter.

Holly Berries & Cardamom

Voluspa Gilt Pomander & Hinoki Hearth Candle, $198, Nordstrom

If your IG aesthetic is less "minimalistic" and more "as extra as possible," this massive candle is basically a must-have. It's a whopping 120 oz. (peep it on @voluspacandles for scale) and has an impressive 250-hour burn time, which actually makes the $200 price tag less scary — as long as this is the only candle you buy all season.


Capri Blue Starlight Candle, $24, Anthropologie

A classic scent in a not-so-classic vessel.

Sugar Cookie

Nest Fragrances Sugar Cookie Classic Candle, $40, Nordstrom

Not only does this frosted white vessel look chic AF on your rustic stone mantle (or, you know, kitchen table from IKEA), but the candle inside smells exactly like sugar cookies.


Small Pillar Candle, $5, H&M

The glitter trend doesn't show any signs of stopping, so you should certainly stock up on a bunch of these sparkly candles.

Juniper Tonic

Juniper Tonic Soy Wax Candle, $30, Olivina Men

Looking for a slightly boozier candle option? This sleek black tin comes packed with a crisp, citrusy fragrance reminiscent of a gin and tonic.

Cape Cod

A Year on the Cape Candle Set, $95, Elyse Maguire

This minimalistic 12-piece set will keep you stocked up on candles well past the holiday season.

Spearmint & Chamomile

Volcanica Footed Teak Candle, $58, Anthropologie

For anyone whose IG grid has more of a rustic vibe.

Bedtime Scents

Scented Candles, $35 each, Brooklinen

You can buy the 10.5-oz. candles individually, or get all four scents in 3.5-oz/ for $59.

Honey Bourbon

DecoFlair Honey Bourbon Candle, $15, Forever 21

How good would this marble candle look in literally every photo?!

Dark Rum

Dark Rum Votive, $18, Malin + Goetz

The dark brown wax of this candle makes it great for all your ~moodier~ nighttime pics. Plus, the rum scent pairs perfectly with your eggnog.


Peppermint Party Collection Striped Pillar Candles, $11 - $13, Pier 1

These striped candles are just-holiday-themed-enough to give any of your snaps a little non-cheesy festive vibe.

Book, Oolong, & Orris

Commodity Candles, $55 each, Sephora

All three of these highly 'grammable candles have winter-appropriate scents, but don't smell like pines trees or cinnamon. You can get mini versions all three in a $38 set during the holidays, but the full-size candles are now part of Commodity's permanent collection.

Stemmed Tea Holder

Holiday Glow Small Stemmed Tea Light Candle Holder, $10, Yankee Candle

It's easy to turn a bunch of plain tea lights into an Instagrammable festival: Just get some really pretty holders that can be used over and over again.