15 Cat Breeds That Are Perfect For Extroverts

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Cats are often associated as the pet of choice for people with introverted personalities, while dogs are often associated with extroverts It kind of makes sense, when you think about it. Cats are seen as more moody animals who keep to themselves; while dogs are seen as more outgoing, playful, and social. It does seem to fit when put that way, but that definitely doesn't mean that every extrovert should stay away from kitties. Cats get a bad rep for being anti-social and mean, even though there are plenty of cat breeds that are a great fit for extroverts.

The breeds that are best for extroverts would be any that are naturally more playful and enjoy more attention. Extroverts are typically social people who gain energy from being around others, so many look for pets who also crave attention and love. Certain cat breeds are more likely to have that kind of personality than others, thus creating a match made in heaven.

Of course, it's important to remember that this can vary, because not every cat is made the same. Some cats are naturally more social, while others like to be on their own regardless of their breed. I personally believe that cats often take on many of the personality traits of their owners no matter what, especially if you get them when they're little babies. That said, if you're an extrovert looking for a cat like you, you're best off looking into the below breeds, who are supposed to be naturally more like you. Good luck finding the perfect choice!



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The Abyssinian cat is known for being on the more extroverted side: these are playful, curious, intelligent cats. They can be super silly and active, and they are really affectionate. They love to be around people, whether they're strangers or not, making them known for their friendly personalities. Abyssinians love to play, like dogs, and they are known to carry toys around in their mouths like dogs too. Like extroverts, Abyssinians don't like to be left alone for long periods of time or they get depressed — so you're actually encouraged to spend a lot of time with them.


American Curl

You'll know an American Curl cat because of their distinctive curled ears. These cats are known for following their owners around like dogs. They have playful, affectionate personalities, and they are always doing something when they're running around the house. They are really alert towards their owners — you'll probably find them following you wherever you go in the house. They have a tendency to always act like kittens, even as they get older.



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Birman cats are extremely adorable (like any cat!), and they absolutely love attention. They are super sweet, social cats who have a mild nature and love to be played with and given attention. They are cuddlers, so if you want a pet to snuggle with, this is a great option. Birman cats are so social that they really don't like to be alone at all, making them perfect for someone with a more extroverted personality.



Bombay cats naturally look pretty badass since they resemble a panther, but their nature is anything but harsh. These cats are sweet, affectionate, and outgoing. They're actually pretty similar to dogs in that they love playing with their humans — they're known for letting owners take them on a walk and can be trained with a leash. They are super friendly and outgoing and very intelligent — they adapt easily. Bombay cats are super entertaining and will love being surrounded by people.



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Burmese cats are so affectionate — they love to follow their owners around and they also love to cuddle. They're very interactive and will make friends with anyone, even dogs. Burmese cats are energetic, playful, and fearless, which means they're very entertaining. Their playful nature makes them similar to dogs, and they also happen to be extremely devoted to their humans. As much as they like to play, though, Burmese cats also love a good snuggle.



Ragdoll cats are very into cuddling with their humans — they love to be with their owners. They're also very social and they pretty much demand attention from anyone. Their name, Ragdoll, comes from the fact that they go limp when you pick them up, because they just want to be snuggled. They are very laid-back and playful, and they will follow you around, greet you at the door, sleep with you, and just stay by your side. But while they're playful, they're not super energetic, meaning they aren't totally exhausting. Ragdolls are also very well-behaved, which is always a plus.


Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora cats are known for their extroverted personality, as well as their affectionate nature. They are super friendly, intelligent, playful, and adaptable. They're so playful that they'll remind you of a dog: they love playing games and running around, but be careful, because they can be a little mischievous at times. Turkish Angora cats love their humans and they're known to bond. They even love visitors!



If you're a very active extrovert, you'll definitely love the Somali cat, who is known for being super playful and active. Somali cats love to play games and love attention from their humans even more. They have tons of energy and have to always be the center of everything - so much so, in fact, that they can be considered a little hard to handle sometimes.


Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats have personalities as big as they are. These cats are super social and they love to cuddle in your lap. They have terrific personalities and they love all people, strangers or not. They can be super silly when playing, and can even come across as more similar to a dog than a cat. Maine Coons make really wonderful companion cats because they're lovable, entertaining, and sweet. They even love water and being near you in the shower!



Siamese cats look mysterious and sly, but they're actually known for their extroverted personalities. They are super, super vocal and are not shy about letting you know exactly what they want. They're really fun cats to play with, but they also tend to demand attention. Like many extroverts, Siamese cats know how to be the center of attention, and they have very big personalities. They love new people, they're super playful and enthusiastic, and their outspoken personalities will keep you very entertained... not to mention busy!


Devon Rex

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Devon Rex cats are known for their large ears — and they are also known for constantly wanting to be around their humans. They are very intelligent and can learn new tricks quickly and easily. They love to play, and they're super loyal, similar to a dog. A Devon Rex, however, likes to have the control in the relationship. They will demand your attention, and they'll get it! That said, they are super loving, and very sweet to be around.



Tonkinese cats don't like to be alone, so if you're an extrovert looking for a pet who will always be by your side, these are for you. They're great companion cats and love to be cuddled. They're actually a mix of a Burmese cat and a Siamese cat, two other extroverted personalities. They're friendly and active, and they always want to be with you... even if it means sitting on your shoulder.


American Bobtail

American Bobtail cats are known for looking similar to wild cats, but the similarities stop there. These cats love to form close bonds with their humans and they're very loyal. They are super entertaining and playful, and are even known for enjoying a game of hide and seek or fetch. They also have great hunting skills and love to stalk things around the house. American Bobtails are very easy-going and get along with everyone, including other animals.



Singapuras are small, with big ears and big eyes, but they have tons of energy. They are not shy, like many people assume cats are, and they love to be the center of attention. They're super energetic and playful, but also very, very lovable.


Exotic Shorthair

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Exotic shorthair cats are affectionate, easy-going, and sweet, with a playful personality. They actually don't love too much noise, so they aren't quite as social as many of the cats on this list. But when it comes to their owners, they love attention — they'll follow you around everywhere.