15 Adorable Cat Names Based On Your Favorite Desserts

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're reading this, you might be a cat lover or a soon to be kitten-owner — either one is enough to want to peruse adorable name options once in awhile. Interestingly enough, pretty much every single one of the top 10 most popular cat names is also a common human name (think Bella, Chloe, Max, and Oliver). Want to shake things up a little when it comes to finding a title for your next pet? Think no further than food: specifically, dessert-themed names for your cat.

There's no telling that everyone who stops by to see your new addition will swoon when they hear the food-themed name, and you surely won't be able to stop posting it everywhere (hey, snapping endless pictures of your pet is pretty much a rite of passage — we all do it). It's time to put your foodie hat on and decide which dessert-themed title would be a perfect fit for your next. If you're like me and grew up with pets, there's a chance that your parents let you name your first when you were 10 years old — here's a chance for you to get the chance to look for another name when you're all grown up (and aren't drawing inspiration from the latest Disney XD show).

1. Brownie

This sweeter-than-life name is perfect for your chocolate-colored four-legged friend.

2. Cannoli

Great choice for all the multi-colored kittens out there.

3. Hershey

Another chocolate-themed name? Coming right up.

4. Butterscotch

Calling all light brown kittens — I have a name for you that'll blow everyone's mind.

5. Licorice

Black cats — I haven't forgotten about you. This aptly chosen name will suit your charming black kittens super well.

6. Maple

It's hard to explain how cute this one is. With the name Maple, your cat is automatically destined to have the personality of an adorable, wise old grandma.

7. Mochi

Name your cat Mochi, and all your friends will immediately fall in love with the new pal. You can even spice the title up by adding a specific mochi flavor as part of your cat's full name.

8. Mousse

Of course, not to be confused with Moose. Don't worry, this decadent name will be worth (possibly constantly) having to correct people.

9. Nutmeg

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little Nutmeg will be made of.

10. Shortcake

This one comes with a bunch of cute nickname options right off the batt. Shorty? Cakes? The possibilities are endless.

11. S'mores

Again, a name that'll fit any multi-colored kitten to a T. Pretty much every color is covered in a s'more — not to mention, you get the most adorable name ever for the little guy or gal.

12. Sorbet

For all the smooth, cool cats out there. Sorbet would be the kind of cat to leave every night because he has some mysterious event to attend. The less you know, the better.

13. Taffy

Another perfect grandma cat name. Taffy will surely never leave your side.

14. Truffle

This wonderfully frilly name deserves to gets its spot in the limelight.

15. Waffle

Honestly, the name Waffle can speak for itself. Quite possibly the most perfect cat name I've ever heard.