15 Creepy Movies & TV Shows On Netflix In 2017 You Might've Missed

courtesy of Netflix

Even though Halloween is over, the colder temperatures and early sunsets tend to mean that we're still reaching for creepy movies & shows on Netflix on those chilly nights in from time to time. Whether it's scary or just a little bizarre, there has been a lot of Netflix content this year that may have passed you by — so here are some underrated creep fests. If A Christmas Prince isn't exactly your speed, this list is for you.

Creepy of course, is in the eye of the beholder shivering under a blanket. Some might find Casting JonBenet creepy. It's for children, but A Series Of Unfortunate Events is intentionally creepy, and American Vandal is definitely not creepy but making fun of a creepy genre in a perfect way. Others might think that people who jump at Stranger Things are too skittish. Luckily for all of us, Netflix has an impressive variety — that's why we can't stay away.

If you're looking for a straight-up horror film, thriller, or creepy docu-series that just happens to be streaming on Netflix, check out recent acquisitions like Silent Hill, Bedeviled, The Killing Ground, Darkness Rising, and The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler: Leading Millions Into The Abyss.

Meanwhile, as you're waiting for the new season of Black Mirror to turn your stomach, raise your blood pressure, and fill your head with ennui, here are some creepy shows and movies that started on Netflix in 2017 that you may not have caught the first time around.

1. Gerald's Game

It's Stephen King. What more do you need to know?

2. The OA

Technically this debuted in December 2016 and at the end of the day, The OA uses interpretive dance to tell a fairly heartwarming tale. However, it's so creepy. Everything about it.

3. The Keepers

While it's pretty rad to see these ladies working together to uncover the truth, the story they're investigating is so creepy.

4. Alias Grace

The Margaret Atwood adaptation is like The Handmaid's Tale but less "relevant" and just as creepy.

5. Stranger Things 2

Weird that you missed it, but there's a lot to watch now, so that's acceptable. Maybe you were feeling more like Glow or The Crown in 2017 and didn't get around to the certifiably creepy science fiction sequel.

6. Santa Clarita Diet

Sure, it's a comedy, but at what cost?

7. The Punisher

Do you like your superheroes wholesome? There's a certain creep factor to the way Frank Castle exacts his revenge, and some of his fellow veterans on the Marvel series have stories that may be more harrowing than creepy, but will still give you stress hives.

8. Haters Back Off

There's just something creepy about Miranda Sings and the world she inhabits, and that's part of the character's charm.

9. Gypsy

Naomie Watts' character is beyond creepy in this thriller.

10. The Confession Tapes

The crime series covers some creepy true stories.

11. Little Evil

Technically a comedy, but creepy children are always, always, always creepy.

12. Shot In The Dark

You definitely missed this one.

13. Death Note

Nope. No thank you. Too creepy. Bye.

14. Dark

This German series doesn't debut until Dec. 1 2017, so at this moment there's still time to catch this seriously creepy looking new show.

15. Wormwood

The same goes for this series, which debuts Dec. 17 2017, as well as the upcoming Netflix documentary Voyeur. Maybe the creepiest Netflix shows are yet to come. Whatever keeps you glued to your couch, right? Between bizarre supernatural thrillers and documentaries that remind you how creepy the real world is, there's always something to watch if you're looking to get freaked out.