What's Coming To Netflix In December 2017 So You Can Get Your Post-Party Viewing Ready

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And there you were thinking you had over a month to go before you had any gifts to open. Psych! Your go-to streaming service is refreshing its selection for the new month and with this comes all sorts of televisual treats. So what is coming to Netflix in December 2017? For starters, many of the new shows and films seem tailored to the fact that many viewers will be spending a sizable chunk of the last month of the year with family. That would explain the sheer abundance of childhood favorites (think Jim Carrey's ever watchable Ace Ventura movies and one great classic '90s childhood movie), meaning you can introduce the films you once obsessively watched to a whole new generation.

Unsurprisingly, there's also some rock-solid festive classics that should go perfectly with an afternoon of supping mulled wine. It's pretty typical for Netflix to make sure you get a broad range of things you love coming in every month, but they've really outdone themselves with their December offerings: probably because of the upcoming holiday season. But, hey, why look a gift horse in the mouth when you can plan on spending your cold winter nights with some of the films and shows listed below?

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