15 'Frozen' Things Made Specifically For Grownup Disney Fans


When I first saw Frozen, I wept. I am an adult. Yet there I was crying, kind of hard, over an animated movie. Because though fashioned as a children's movie, the theme of sisterhood and the power of that pure love thawed my psh-I-don't-cry-in-kids-movies heart. Basically, I'm a fan. And now there are Frozen things grownup fans can buy in anticipation of the sequel to prepare. No, really. You can be a grownup and tote a Frozen lunchbox to your work desk. My sister does.

Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff are coming back. Walt Disney Studios released the ~official~ Frozen 2 teaser trailer on Feb. 13 and it already has over 31 million views. It opens on Elsa, staring down dark, crashing waves in a lightning storm, no less! But the fierce queen does not even wince. She runs into the storm and surfs the harrowing waves that tower over her because she can because — oh right, a little refresher for you — she has ~SUPERPOWERS~ and can turn anything into ice. Convenient. It is a spectacle, a battle of the elements. And then she crashes. What. Is. Happening? We'll have to wait until Nov. 22, 2019 to find out.

In the meantime, you can wear your fandom on your ... phone. We learned in 2014 that you don't need a babysitting gig, a sibling under 12, or a child of your own to belt out "Let It Go." So why not dangle that Olaf Bangle by Alex and Ani with pride? Here's where to buy that, and a whole host of other things perfect for a grownup Frozen fan.

Olaf Bangle by Alex and Ani

Yes, you can wear your love for Olaf on your actual sleeve. Kind of.

Let It Go Tote Bag

Going to the farmer's market? How adult of you! Why not stuff your carrot bunches in a Just Let It Go tote bag?

Warm Hugs All Around Pattern Case-Mate iPhone Case

Dress up your iPhone 7/8 with Frozen accessories. It doesn't have to be totally obvious. It could be cute. Graphics of a little, blue, quaint village. And when you look a little closer you'll find Olaf, arms stretched open and a smile as bright as sunshine.

Frozen Snowflake Necklace by Arribas

A snowflake necklace is probably the most sophisticated way to wear your appreciation for this new Disney classic.

Let It Glow Two-Tone Coffee Mug

The Let It Glow mug is perfect for your morning coffee — a very adult beverage — and comes in multiple colors including black, hunter green, maroon, navy blue, yellow, and light blue.

Frozen "The Warm Embrace" Giclee on Canvas

This piece is a little ~pricey~, but it's art.

Frozen Emoji Pattern Table Lamp

Need a new night side table? Look no further than this emoji patterned lampshade with all your favorite Frozen characters. Including Sven! Sven!!! This will light up not only your room, but your life.

Elsa Framed Wall Decor

Into the wall art but don't want to drop $300? Find fiscal responsibility and inspiration in this wall decor of Elsa encouraging you to not hold back your dreams.

Olaf Socks For Adults

Keep your feet warm with something Frozen.

Elsa Figural Pen

Have a contract to sign? Cross the t's and dot the i's with an Elsa pen!

Family Is Tradition 2 Water Bottle

Every adult needs a reusable water bottle. It's the sustainable thing to do.

Elsa Castle Metal Earth 3D Model Kit

Who says adults can't have 3D model kits? This is a ~collectible~.

Let It Glow V-Neck T-Shirt

If you're looking for a ~lewk~ to wear to opening day of Frozen 2, here it is. The shirt also comes in a sweatshirt, unless you get a little chilly during your viewing.

Frozen Beach Towel

While we all wait for the fall when Frozen 2 comes to theaters, we'll have to pass through summer. Now you can bring Olaf to the beach — and obviously sing "In Summer." Personalize the towel with your name!

Frozen Sing-Along Edition DVD

Don't even act like you don't belt the entire Frozen soundtrack out on the regular. Now, in case you were unsure of a few lyrics, you can learn every ~single~ word with this Sing-Along DVD.