15 Galentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Entire Crew


Galentine's Day is the official unofficial holiday for celebrating your best gal pals. And you'll want to show up fully armed at your get-together with funny Galentine's Day gifts that are sure to impress the entire crew. While sentimental gift exchanges can lead to sweet bonding moments between friends, there's nothing quite like the laughs you'll share over a funny gift. Any excuse to laugh is a good one — a concept that's particularly relevant when you think about the fact that Galentine's Day is a faux holiday that was created on a TV show by a comedian Amy Poehler.

That said, save the sweet and meaningful gifts for birthdays, because Galentine's Day is all about celebrating your deepest friendships lightheartedly. You don't have to spend a lot of money or put too much thought into getting your girlfriends gifts that will brighten their day and make them feel loved and appreciated. And if you're stressing over choosing a gift, no one knows how to make your best friend laugh quite like you do, so don't over think it. You know in your gut what kind of gift will make her smile.

Browse through these chuckle-worthy gifts that will instantly perk up you and your bestie's Galentine's Day.

Card Game

Brought to you by the people who created the original What Do You Meme game, this For The Girls card game is just as fun but woman-themed. It's a great gift pick for your bestie on Galentine's Day because it gives the two of you a great activity to enjoy together and for many hangs to come.

Hos Before Bros Card

This Leslie Knope card features the "Hos Before Bros" slogan of Galentine's Day. It's funny but also sweet and has lots of room for you to write in each other's inside jokes.

Matching BFF Earrings

Go old school and gift your bestie one of each of these quirky earrings, and you keep the other half. That way, you can wear them together like friendship earrings.

Custom BFF Print

You can pick from a variety of options to fine-tune the BFFs to look as much like you and your BFF as possible, down to their hair style and the drinks they have in their hands. Aka, swap out the coffee cup for a Gatorade to make it more personal.

Leslie Knope Cards

These handmade Leslie Knope quote cards are the perfect way to tell your bestie you love her, without being overly sentimental. They're adorable and funny, but leave just enough room for you to add something earnest if you want.

OG Galentine's Candle

If your bestie is a fan of Parks and Rec., aka the OG Galentine's Day source, she's going to love this candle that comes with a Leslie Knope quote on it.

Witty Plant Pot

A plant is always a great gift, but it's even better when there's a witty pun on it that will make your bestie smile every time she goes to water it.

Witty Candle

Why get your bestie any old candle when you can get her one that comes with an empowering slogan that has the power to inspire her every time she lights it?

Humorous Cookbook

If your bestie is more interested in cooking than skilled at cooking, this book will serve as the perfect comedic nudge to improve her skills. The book comes with 60 beginner-friendly recipes.

Novelty Lamp

If your best friend loves sushi, there is no greater non-edible gift than a light up sushi lamp. It's adorable, funny, and totally functional.

A Potty Joke

If your best friend has a soft spot for bathroom humor, she will be very excited about this toilet paper holder that has the ability to play a self-recorded six second long message or song every time you reach for a square.

Collection Of Sarcastic Stickers

We can all use a little bit of sarcastic humor. This epic book of adorably named, "Sarcastickers" will prove to be a dose of laughter that keeps on giving. Featured zingers include "donut talk to me" and "keep to your selfie."

Non-Cheesy Book Of Affirmations

This is the perfect gift for the bestie who could use a serious pep talk but who has a sense of humor. It's an inspiring read, but it's also frank and funny.

Book Of Feminist Postcards

While the message behind these rad post cards is not funny, the postcards themselves are vibrant and sassy, empowering and brazen. You and your bestie can enjoy flipping through them together.

DIY Bread Baking Kit

Baking bread in a flower pot is not only a very quirky thing to do, but a very fun and delicious thing to do in it. Gift your bestie this kit and insist on using it together so you have a fun and rewarding Galentine's Day activity to enjoy during your hang.