15 Twisted Gifts For Your Friends Who Just Can't Enough Of True Crime

by Charlotte Ahlin

Murders. Mysteries. Forensic science. Readers who love true crime and thrillers just can't get enough. They've already read just about every book on the shelf that has to do with serial killers, spies, and/or tense investigations of gruesome crimes. All they really want for the holidays is to find a severed head in their mailbox and be pulled into a horrifying real life murder adventure—but that might be a little tough to arrange. So here are a few criminally fun gifts for the true crime and thriller lover in your life that are almost as good as solving a real crime.

True crime readers are kind of a subset of mystery book lovers. Except, instead of a cozy armchair read about a murder at a manor house, they prefer an edge-of-your-seat read about real life cannibals and kidnappers. Their perfect night in involves a Jack the Ripper documentary and a psychological thriller novel based on true events. You don't necessarily have to share their obsession with all things disturbing and suspenseful. But you can certainly give them a true crime related gift that'll bring joy to their dark, twisted heart. Here are a few fun and functional gifts for readers who just can't get enough thrills and chills:

Crime Scene Gift Bundle

This crime scene gift bundle contains essentially everything a true crime reader could ever want: crime scene tape, a detective mug, crime scene sandwich bags, a UV fluorescent marking pen, crime scene bandages, vials containing candy blood, urine, and saliva, and so much more. Make all of your detecting dreams come true with this total package.

Crime Scene Gift Bundle, $43, Crime Scene Store

Blood Bath Shower Curtain

Know a big Psycho fan? Gift them this terrifying shower curtain. Now it's like someone is always being brutally murdered in the shower! It's cute in a... creepy way.

Blood Bath Shower Curtain, $10, Spinning Hat

'E.M.T.' Emergency Meal Transport

For the fan who wants to freak out everyone at the office, this lunch bag is the perfect true crime accessory. You probably shouldn't keep any actual human organs inside... but pb&j sandwiches will work just fine.

E.M.T. emergency meal transport, $20, Fred & Friends

A Crime Club Subscription

The Mysterious Bookshop specializes in mysteries of all kind. If you know someone who devours thriller and true crime books faster than they can buy them, why not give them a membership to a Crime Club? The Mysterious Bookshop Crime Clubs will send you a signed first edition of a selected book every month. There are seven clubs to choose from, including "Thriller and Espionage," "Hard Boiled and Noir," and "Unclassifiable."

Crime Clubs, $99 for three months, The Mysterious Bookshop

Latent Fingerprint Kit

Got some real life snooping to do around town? Creep on your friends and family with this professional grade fingerprinting kit! It comes equipped with everything you need to dust for prints and solve actual crimes.

Latent Fingerprint Kit, $35, Crime Scene Store

'Murder on the Orient Express' Tote Bag

If your thriller fan likes the occasional throw back to old school mysteries, they'll love this Agatha Christie bag. After all, Christie's thrillers kind of kicked off the whole genre in the first place.

Murder on the Orient Express Tote Bag, $18, Out of Print

Creepy Crate

As the name might suggest, a Creepy Crate is more or less a box full of creepy things—specifically books, accessories, and wearables relating to horror and true crime. Buy one box of criminal surprises, or buy a subscription for several months' worth of disturbing treats.

Creepy Crate, $30 for one month, The Lineup

Cereal Killer Spoon

Looking for a true crime stocking stuffer? This "cereal killer" spoon makes you feel like a true monster as you devour your poor, defenseless cereal every morning.

Cereal Killer Spoon, $15, Amazon

My Thrill Club! Subscription

My Thrill Club! is another subscription service that will send you two books and a movie every month in the thrilling genre of your choice. Choose from crime and mystery, thrills and espionage, or straight up horror, and get to reading.

My Thrill Club Subscription, $14.99 - $143.00, My Thrill Club!

'My Favorite Murder' Tote Bag

Is there any true crime fan out there who doesn't listen to My Favorite Murder? If they haven't heard of it, introduce your friends with this stylish, creepy tote bag. If they already know and love it, treat them to merch from their favorite podcast!

My Favorite Murder Tote Bag, $28, My Favorite Murder

Serial Killer Beanie

Are you a true crime fan who doesn't mind freaking out the neighbors? This beanie is a creepy, comfortable way to rep your favorite genre.

Serial Killer Beanie, $18, Serial Killer Shop

Bloody Chopping Board

A true crime fan can also be a cooking aficionado. And they can indulge both interests at once with this functional chopping board in the shape of a gruesome puddle of blood.

Chopping Board Red, $20, Crime Scene Shop

Crime Scene Scarf

Keep your neck warm and also kind of creepy with this "Crime Scene" scarf. It may look like plastic crime scene tape, but it's actually a cozy knit scarf, perfect for long winter nights of reading true crime books.

Crime Scene Scarf, $26, Old Glory

Bloody Knife Socks

Even horrifying murderers need to keep their toes warm. These bloody knife socks are a great way to stay warm and look stylish while also admitting that yes, you do read a lot of books about brutal stabbings.

Bloody Knife Socks, $18, Serial Killer Shop

Hunt a Killer Subscription

Finally, a subscription box that lets you live your serial killer hunting dreams. Every month, you'll receive a box of clues that you can actually use to solve an ongoing mystery. It's a game played in real time, and it's the closest you're going to get to actually living out the plot of a true crime book.

Hunt a Killer Box, $25 per month, Hunt a Killer