15 Ways To Get Creative With The White Claws Sitting In Your Fridge

Goskova Tatiana/Shutterstock/White Claw

We are in peak hard seltzer times. There is nary a bar nor a college fridge that isn’t stocked with a six-pack of some spiked bubbly water. If you’re looking for a more innovative way to sip on your hard seltzer than just drinking it straight from the can, perhaps one of these hard seltzer cocktail hacks will quench your thirst. There are, as they say, no laws when you’re drinking Claws.

2019 was truly the Year of Hard Seltzer with outlets like CNN even reporting a White Claw shortage. In addition to spiked seltzer brands like White Claw and Truly, big-name brewers are getting in the seltzer game as well. Budweiser came out with Bud Light Seltzer. Natty Light introduced two summertime seltzers. There’s even a Four Loko hard seltzer that boasts a whopping 14% ABV. Bars and restaurants also added hard seltzer to their rotation of beverages with White Claw officially becoming a brunch drink.

Of course, you don’t need to go to a boozy brunch or, say, attend a festival dedicated to hard seltzer to enjoy hard seltzer in a more creative form. You can play mixologist from the comfort of your own liquor cabinet. Here are 15 hard seltzer cocktail hacks you’ll want to try out your next night in:


Add Fresh Fruit

Add a lemon or lime to White Claw Pure, the hard seltzer equivalent to a vodka soda, for a little extra pizzaz. Pair your Grapefruit Truly with a squeeze of actual grapefruit. You know what makes everything look better? Fresh strawberries. Add a few of those bad boys into a glass with your spiked seltzer of choice.


Mix With Juice


Blood Orange Truly with orange juice or a Black Cherry Rosemary BON&VIV with some cherry juice is an easy way to up your seltzer game. It’ll also keep you from knocking back your hard seltzer like it’s (non-alcoholic) water.


Sub It In For A Non-Alcoholic Soda Or Mixer In A Cocktail

You can’t really go wrong pairing a spiked seltzer with a clear spirit. Sub out soda in your vodka soda for a lime hard seltzer. Pretty much any citrus-flavored hard seltzer with a little honey will go great with gin.


Add It To Your Aperol Spritz

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If you’re Team “Aperol Spritz Is Good”, make a hard seltzer version of the cocktail, subbing in your seltzer of choice for either the club soda or the prosecco.


Make A Wine Spritzer


Wine spritzers typically mix white wine, club soda, some bitters, and citrus. Try using your hard seltzer of choice in place of the club soda for a boozy brunchtime drink.


Add Mint, Lavender, Or Your Cocktail Herb Of Choice

Another easy way to make your hard seltzer seem extra fancy? Add a sprig of lavender or a few mint leaves. A little greenery goes a long way to making you drink look cute and taste even better.


Try A Hard Seltzer & Gin Rickey


A gin rickey is like a less sweet gin and tonic that’s typically made with gin, soda water, and lime. Just sub in a lime hard seltzer for the soda water, add honey or sugar if you want some more sweetness, and enjoy!


Make A Hard Lemonade Or Limeade


In January 2020, Truly dropped a new line of hard lemonade. If your local liquor store has run out — which they likely will given how good they are — make your own hard lemonade by mixing a lemon Truly with some lemonade. You could even make a hard cherry limeade by adding cherry hard seltzer to your limeade of choice.


Add It To A Margarita


Mix up a makeshift margarita with lime hard seltzer, tequila, lime, and agave. Add some salt or sugar to the rim of your glass and you’re good to go!


Make A Knock-Off French 75


The French 75 is usually made with gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar. Make a more affordable version by using lemon hard seltzer in place of the champagne.


Add A Splash Of Infused Simple Syrup


Imagine: cardamom-infused simple syrup with a grapefruit hard seltzer. Jalapeno infused simple syrup with Mango White Claw or Lime Truly. These could be your reality with just a simple syrup infused with your flavor of choice.


Try It With Tequila In A Paloma


Grapefruit hard seltzer was made to be added to a Paloma. Just add it to grapefruit juice, tequila, lime and a little sugar for a drink that will make any season feel like summertime.


Make It A Mojito


Trade out the club soda in your mojito for some lime hard seltzer. Just be sure to keep the white rum, mint, and lime.


Seltzer Up Your Sangria


Add Blackberry Hibiscus Press, Raspberry White Claw, or really any berry-flavored seltzer to your next batch of sangria for a fizzy, more fun cocktail.


Combine Two Flavors Or, Dare I Say, Two Brands?!?

Arguably the easiest way to level up your hard seltzer is by combining two of your favorite flavors together. Try Blood Orange and Mango. Combine Lemon and Lime. Heck, try Rosé Truly and more Rosé Truly. When it comes to hard seltzer cocktails, more is always more.

At the very least, just pour your hard seltzer into a champagne flute to feel fancy with very minimal effort.