These 15 Haunted House Movies May Scare You Out Of Your Own Home

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Ever watched a scary movie at home and then automatically jumped at every tiny noise you heard afterwards? Yeah, scary movies can definitely have you paranoid about your space — especially if that movie is about a haunted house. If you're easily freaked out and want to continue feeling safe in your own home, you may want to invite over a friend or two. You can stream these 15 haunted house films right now, but you should probably do so with caution. Or maybe get ready to sleep with the lights on.

Of all the horror movie niches, haunted house movies can be the ones that hit a little bit too close to home (sorry). Because it's very easy to imagine yourself in that situation, where everything you know turns upside down and you can't trust the place you know like the back of your hand. These freaky movies have spooky presences of all kinds — though creepy ghost children seem to be especially popular — and something is bound to hit on your greatest fear. From big blockbuster hits to hidden gems, these streaming scary movies will make for perfect Halloween watching. Just don't forget to lock your doors and make peace with your house ghosts. Can't hurt to burn a little sage either.

1. Paranormal Activity

Yup, this movie is a definite way to scare yourself right out of your house. Paranormal Activity has that found-footage vibe that will make any viewer ask themselves whether it's real or fake.

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2. The Amityville Horror

This film (the original) is the mother of all haunted house films. James Brolin and Margot Kidder play a couple who move their family into a house whose previous residents died in a mass murder, and it's based on a true story.

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3. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

So you live alone...or do you really? I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House is the story of how Lily (Ruth Wilson) got to be trapped in her house with the ghost that haunts it.

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4. Hereditary

‌After her estranged mother dies, Annie (Toni Collette) starts to see some very weird things happen around her house. Her family begins to act differently and the question of supernatural forces trying to manipulate them all comes into play.

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5. The Haunting (1963)

An entire family died in a 90-year-old house and now, the house has a reputation for hauntings. After hearing rumors of banging on the walls and faint sounds of laughter, Dr. Markway (Richard Johnson) wants to prove if the house is in fact possessed by some spirits.

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6. The Shining

Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) goes mad after moving his family into the empty Overloook Hotel. The eerie hotel becomes the place to blame as it comes alive with physical manifestations of its scary history.

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7. The Conjuring

‌Inspired by true events, this horror thriller is about a family who moves into an old farmhouse, only to discover it's haunted by its macabre past. This film will leave you with second thoughts about ever going out to the country.

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8. Poltergeist

Carol Anne Freeling (Heather O'Rourke) is taken by ghosts who live in a portal somewhere in her family's home. The ghosts start manifesting in a number of horrifying ways and try to go after the rest of the Freelings too.

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9. The Others

Grace Stewart (Nicole Kidman) and her two children move into a remote house in the Channel Islands. Her kids extremely sensitive to light, so the house windows are covered with curtains. In the darkness, the little family begin to see intruders take over their house.

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10. The Orphanage

Laura (Belén Rueda) wants to help children in an orphanage the same way she was helped as a child. So she moves her son and husband to the old orphanage she was raised in to give back to the community. She soon finds out that nothing good will come out of her decision.

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11. mother!

Just FYI — houses are not supposed to have heartbeats. A young woman (Jennifer Lawrence) believes the house she lives in is living around her.

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12. Insidious

Two parents (Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne) take drastic measures when their son (Ty Simpkins) gets possessed in their new home.

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13. It

Don't get caught at 29 Neibolt Street in Derry, Maine. That's where Pennywise the clown will absolutely get you.

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14. The Legend Of Hell House

This movie's twist ending may seem illogical, but it's definitely disturbing too.

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15. Ju-On: The Grudge

Imagine waking up to two ghost-like creatures: one at the head of your bed and one at the foot of it. What would you do? This film inspired the American remake starring Sara Michelle Gellar.

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If you watch enough of these movies this Halloween, you may not feel at home in your own house ever again.