15 Valentine’s Day Gifts You Still Have Time To Buy Before Wednesday

Gifts are one of the biggest features of the holiday season. And, as a result, I'm sure it's likely that every time you go shopping, you're taking note of what to get who. Once the holidays are over, your gift-giving mindfulness goes on vacation. After weeks of stressing out over finding the perfect gifts for all the people you love during the Christmas season, you need a break from shopping and thinking about others. But if you're like me, your mind goes on gifting vacation for a bit too long. And before you know it, it's February, and you realize a week prior to Feb. 14 that you completely forgot to get your bae a Valentine's Day present. And worst of all, you've been avoiding stores lately, so you have no idea what to get. Likely, after rooting around your bedroom for things to regift, you finally give up and succumb to some super last minute Valentine's Day gift shopping.

It doesn't mean you don't love your partner if you forgot to get them something for V-day, but TBH, it's still possible for you to pull it together with a last minute purchase. If you get them something great, they'll never know how little thought went into it. So forget the stress, just pick something from my carefully curated list of last minute V-day gifts that seem incredibly well thought-out and loving, even if they're not.

V-Day Specs

State Optical Co

Everyone's looking for an excuse to add some more color to their accessories, so make V-Day the ultimate excuse to wear pink sunnies. But let's be honest, you're going to wear these year round because they're adorable.

Morgan Sunglasses, $411, State Optical Co.

Coffee Maker


If you live with your partner, let's be real, this is a gift for you. But that's OK, it's the thought that counts. Make life easier by brewing your own coffee at home. You'll save money and time cutting out that morning cafe trip, and that means more time in bed, together.

Keurig K-Mini K15 Coffee Maker, $90, Keurig

Vegan Leather Bag

Pixie Mood

In the spirit of the holiday of love, show some love by saving an animal and buying a vegan leather bag instead. It's just as sturdy and durable, and no one had to die for it.

Mini Steph Nude Pink, $45, Pixie Mood

All-In-One Moisturizer


Get yourself a gift, by giving you guy a gift that a girl can use, too. This bio digital unisex moisturizer eliminates a multi-step skincare routine with just one pump. You can get rid of all the other stuff cluttering your bathroom counter now. Perfection Moisturizer, $118, EXO

Be Mine Heart Cake

Baskin Robbins

This freakin adorable cake is definitely another one of those gifts that's for both of you. You can pick one up in-store, day-of, making it the perfect last-minute V-day gift!

Ice Cream Cakes, $13, Baskin Robbins

His/Her Perfume


Solidify your union by getting a perfume/cologne that you and your partner can share. This fragrance is so dynamic, it smells different on everyone. So save some space in the medicine cabinet and use one scent, two ways.

Glossier You, $60, Glossier

Portable Cooler


Say "goodbye" to boxy coolers with this soft-sided portable cooler that will literally keep your picnic or groceries fresh for the entire day. If you think it looks too serious for every day use, think about it this way: it's a purse for ice cream.

Hopper Flip 8, $199, Yeti

Spa Set

Of A Kind

If you can't take your partner to the spa, give them the gift of an at-home spa, that you can experience together. This spa-themed gift set has everything you need to relax, pamper and primp.

The Spa Set, $250, Of a Kind

Guy Stuff

Of a Kind

If you're having trouble trying to pick out one gift for a guy that feels special enough for V-Day, opt for a set that comes with a few different options.

The Guy Set, $99, Of a Kind

Intimate Set

Ella Paradis

If you're looking to make your sex life a little bit more interesting, a pleasure box set is the perfect way to incorporate some fun new ideals and tools, while keeping things light. Ella Paradis offers his and hers, hers and hers, his and his box options, and solo boxes, so there's something for everyone.

Her & Her, $99, Ella Paradis

Linen Bedding

Turn your bedding situation into a love shack situation with linen bed clothes! It's breathable, it's cooling and it will keep your temperature just right amidst the confusing winter vibes, thanks to overactive heaters and drafty windows.

Cotton Sheet & Pillowcase, $89, Loomstead

Lingerie With A Cause

Harper Wilde

If you're going to buy a cute bra, get one that comes with a cause. For every purchase, Harper Wilde will donate a bra to Free The Girls between Feb. 7 to Feb. 14. With the #HarperWildeSendsNudes campaign, the company will donate up to 1,000 bras to girls rescued from sex trafficking.

The Base, $35, Harper Wilde

Quirky Bouquet

Urban Stems

Instead of getting your partner a basic bouquet (that won't last very long), go for a succulent, in a most memorable "vase."

The Babar, $55, Urban Stems



When in doubt, get your partner a nice bottle of champagne. Again, it's more of a gift for you, but hey, you can share it.

California Rose $28, Chandon

Sassy Candle

Merchants of Beauty

Instead of getting your basic, run-of-the-mill V-Day candle, get one that has something to say, too.

Burns Like A Bitch Candle, $48, Merchants of Beauty