What’s Coming To Netflix In February Will Give You New Plans For Valentine's Day

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With a month of 2018 already under our belts, time is whizzing by. The new year kicked off to a great start purely because the Netflix additions allowed for maximum marathoning during one of the coldest months of the year. And what's coming to Netflix in February 2018 will also give you the perfect excuse to stay in and chill while avoiding the cold — and the romance, if you want. You've probably already begun noticing the many red heart decorations going up in the aisles that just hosted Christmas ornaments and tinsel, and that can only mean one thing: Valentine's Day is nigh.

Whether you're planning to snuggle up with your significant other, host a marathon with your Galentines, or simply stay by yourself in your bed saying "bah humbug" during the romantic holiday, Netflix has got your back this month. Specifically, there are tons of female-fronted action movies like Kill Bill and Tomb Raider hitting the streaming site. Single ladies, take note: these movies will be perfect to watch on Feb. 14 because they'll make you feel empowered and strong. Better yet, if you're in a couple, you should probably watch those on V-Day too just to remind your partner exactly how much you're capable of.

Besides the awesome action additions, Netflix has a whole slew of new original content coming your way, not to mention the Danny Ocean series to get you prepared for Ocean's 8. Happy Valentine's Month, everyone.

Additional Reporting by Angelica Florio

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