Just 15 GIFs Of Lorelai Gilmore & Coffee To Help You Celebrate National Coffee Day

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I don't need an excuse to rewatch Gilmore Girls — any time is the right time to marathon one or five episodes of that show — but, I think it goes without saying that there truly is no better time to watch the show than Lorelai Gilmore's favorite day, National Coffee Day, which takes place on Sept. 29. With a cup of coffee in hand, of course. Lorelai (and Rory!) would be so proud.

It's no secret that Lorelai Gilmore loves her coffee. She loves her coffee so much, she's been known to drink up to eight cups a day — a feat that no mortal could ever really survive, but then again, no mortal is Lorelai Gilmore. If you're gonna celebrate National Coffee Day this Saturday, Sept. 29, you sort of have to pay homage to Lorelai in some way. Whether that's instagramming your latté and captioning the pic with a cute Lorelai quote (let's be real: If Lorelai had Instagram, her feed would be only pictures of coffee, Rory, and Paul Anka the dog), or just looking at some fun GIFs of Lorelai Gilmore and coffee, you can't go wrong any way you choose to celebrate.

That in mind, I've hand-picked the absolute best GIFs of Lorelai Gilmore that truly represent her passion and love for all things coffee. Take a walk (or more like scroll) down memory lane with me, and make sure you have a cup (or three) of fresh java in hand for maximum nostalgia.

1. When Coffee Is Literally Life

I feel you Lorelai, I feel you.

2. When Your Coffee Comes Out Terrible And It Ruins Your Entire Morning

That feeling of having to gag down the horribly-made coffee from the new place you decided to try out because you're ~spontaneous~.

3. When You Don't Want To Be Even Later Than You Already Are For Work Because You Had to Stop And Get Coffee, So You Chug it Fast AF

Plot twist: The reason you were late in the first place was because you waited on the line for coffee.

4. When It's Monday Morning And You Feel Like Death

Nothing is worse than the feeling of going back to work on a Monday after a three-day-weekend.

5. When You Literally Need Coffee To Survive

You, when you realize you literally cannot live without coffee.

6. When You Hit The 3 p.m. Slump On A Friday Afternoon And You Cannot Focus For The Life Of You

Only two more hours!

7. When You Find The Perfect Coffee Shop

When being adventurous truly pays off and you find your new fave coffee shop.

8. When You're Trying to Become BFFs With The Barista So They Memorize Your Order

You'll still have to wait in line, though.

9. When Your Boss Actually Expects You To Work But You Haven't Finished Your Morning Coffee Yet

No Janet, I can't compile my Excel spreadsheet before 10 a.m., my coffee is still brewing!

10. When You Give Up On Dating And Relationships Because You Realize Coffee Is Your True Soulmate

After some consideration, you have decided to just center all of your love and devotion around the only thing that really matters: Joe, Cup Of.

11. When You're In A Grumpy Mood

It's not your best day.

12. When The Caffeine Hits

...five cups of coffee later.

13. When You Have Tons Of Work To Do

The more work you need to do, the more coffee you drink: An endless cycle.

14. When Your Friend Is Having A Crisis, But Your Coffee Comes First

I'll listen once I get my coffee.

15. When You Finally Leave The Office For A Quick Coffee Break With Your Work Bestie

Such a nice escape.

Whether you prefer your java hot or iced, you cannot go wrong with whatever coffee you choose. Channel your inner Lorelai and get your coffee on!