'Gilmore Girls' Understands Your Coffee Addiction

Coffee lovers, Sept. 29 is your day to shine, and there is no one better to spend National Coffee Day with than Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Gilmore Girls showed a level of devotion to coffee that only true java junkies could possibly understand. In the world of Gilmore Girls, coffee came pure, black, and preferably in an oversized cup from Luke's. If you live your life worshiping at the altar of the perfect cup of coffee, then these Gilmore Girls quotes and gifs all about coffee are going to speak to your soul.

If you have not already poured yourself a hot, steaming cup of pure, caffeinated goodness, do so now and settle in, because Lorelai and Rory had lots of strong opinions about coffee over the show's seven seasons. Granted, most of those opinions could be boiled down to the more coffee, the better. Anyone who has an entire cabinet devoted to coffee mugs, and another one stocked with your favorite brand of coffee, will totally appreciate the Gilmore life philosophy, which revolves around drinking all the coffee, all the time.

Sit back and let Lorelai and Rory prove once again why they are your people. If coffee is your life, then these Gilmore Girls quotes and gifs will make you just as giddy as your fourth (or eighth) cup of morning coffee.

1. "This Is A Jumbo Coffee Morning. I Need Coffee In An I.V."

Every morning is a jumbo coffee morning when you are living the coffee life.

2. "I'm Not Avoiding Anything. I'm Going To Find Coffee."

If your first priority is not locating where the coffee lives in a new place, then you are not as devoted to coffee as Lorelai.

3. "I Made It Extra Strong. It Should Blacken Your Teeth And Rot Your Stomach."

Coffee lovers know you have not lived until you have had a cup of coffee so black that it looks like an eclipse and lived to tell the tale.

4. "Boy, I Will Say Anything For A Cup Of Coffee!"

Hey, when a person is in desperate need of a cup of coffee, they should not be held accountable for the methods they use to obtain said cup of coffee.

5. "It Used To Be One Cup, But Then The Coffee Started Tasting So Good I Added An Afternoon Jolt."

Every coffee addict starts somewhere...

6. "One Bag Of Coffee Per Cup Of Water, Right?"

True coffee aficionados know the recipe for a perfect cup by heart.

7. "Jesus, Mary, And Joseph, And The Camel! This Is Really Bad Coffee!"

Likewise, coffee addicts also know a bad cup when they see one — but that won't stop them from drinking it in a pinch. Bad coffee is better than no coffee.

8. "Coffee, Please, And A Shot Of Cynicism."

Nothing goes better with coffee than a side of sarcasm.

9. "I'm Gonna Have To Quit Drinking Coffee, And I Love Coffee!"

The coffee lover's worst nightmare.

10. "Coffee-Coffee-Coffee Is A Saying."

Of course, it's a saying non-coffee drinkers will never understand.

11. "I Thought You Might Like Some Coffee, Since You Always Do."

I'll take "Things a Coffee Lover's Best Friend Says" for $200, Alex.

12. "Flirt With Him Now. We Need Coffee."

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

13. "Nothing Says Coffee Like 6:00 In The Morning."

Is there any other reason to get up?

14. "We Need Coffee! There's No More Coffee! Someone Make Me Some Coffee!"

When the coffee pot is half empty, it's time to go into crisis mode.

15. "I Need Coffee, Whatever Form You Got, I Haven't Had It All Day. I'll Drink It, Shoot It, Eat It, Snort It, Whatever Form It's In."

It doesn't matter how you get your coffee fix as long as you get it.

16. "He's So Sexy, Smart, And Funny, And He Loves Coffee."

The big four attributes every potential life partner should possess.

17. "I Need Coffee, Extra Strong."

The rallying cry of Gilmores and coffee fanatics the world over.

Now go make Lorelai and Rory proud and have your sixth cup of the day, guilt free. Today is a day to celebrate the wonders of coffee.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (16); oywiththepoodlesalready/Tumblr