15 Memorable Oscars Hairstyles Throughout History

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The Oscars give us a lot to look forward to, from the dazzling designer dresses to the enviable makeup you'll want to recreate on your own Friday night out. But one simply can't forget the hairstyles amid the swirl of ballgowns and show-stopping trains. There's a gorgeous history of red carpet hairstyles dating back to the '50s (when the event first started to be broadcast) and spanning up to present day.

From Audrey Hepburn's pixie cut from Roman Holiday and Marilyn Monroe's finger waves in the '50s, to Michael Jackson's Jheri curls and Diana Ross's massive mane of hair in the '80s, you can look at each of those hairstyles and know exactly what decade they heralded from. That's not to say there aren't some looks in between that were historically monumental or strayed from the norm — after all, Oscars gowns aren't the only things on the red carpet that start a conversation. There have been some truly iconic hair looks over the years, and sometimes, the hair can make the actors' entire aesthetic.

So which are some of the best and most memorable? From atomic hairdos of the '60s to the low chignons of the early 2000's, ahead is the history of red carpet hairstyles. Live through the nostalgia, and look forward to what the 2017 Oscars will bring.


Marilyn's Blonde Waves In 1953

Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall showed off one of the era's hottest looks as they make their way down the red carpet on either side of Humphrey Bogart: Finger waves.


Audrey's Incredible Pixie

Audrey Hepburn didn't invent the pixie cut, but she sure brought it to the mainstream. Here she stands out among a see of Marcel waves with her slicked back, spiky crop.


Dorothy Dandridge's Short Curls In '55

Just because you had a short crop didn't mean you had a flat-laying one like Hepburn. Here Dorothy Dandridge arrives at the 1955 Oscars with a head full of short but showstopping curls.


Elizabeth Taylor's 1957 Tiara

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She was and is a total queen, so it's only natural that at one point or another, Taylor would wear a crown to prove it.


Miyoshi Umecki's Baby Bangs

While it might have seemed like the majority of the screen sirens had their hair done up into shoulder-brushing curls, a lot of actresses really committed to the short chop. Here is Miyoshi Umecki winning her Oscar in '58 with feathery bangs, becoming the first Asian actress to win the award.


Shirley McClaine's Blunt Bob in 1965

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The star's adorable bob at the 1965 Oscars looked perfect with her glamorous fur — and Warren Beatty by her side doesn't hurt, either.


Sacheen Littlefeather's Hair With A Message

Native American activist Sacheen Littlefeather is shown here with middle parted, straight hair that is infamous for the 1970s, but she came to the awards ceremony to reject Marlon Brando’s Oscar for him as a stand against how American Indians are treated by the film industry.


Farrah's Feathered Locks In '78

Farrah Fawcett brought out the feathered, bouncy goodness on the red carpet that was going to pave the way for the giant, helmet hair of the Dynasty decade.


Michael Jackson's Jheri Curls

Michael Jackson walked the red carpet with his perfectly oiled and coiled Jheri curls, and looked fly doing it.


Morgan Fairchild's Glam '80s Perm

Morgan Fairchild sums up the hair trend of the '80s perfectly: The bigger, the better.


Drew Barrymore's 1998 Daisies

From the choppy bangs to the daisies that appeared on just about every babydoll dress ever manufactured, Drew Barrymore's flirty bob is perfectly '90s.


Halle's Trendsetting Pixie

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This Halle Berry haircut (which walked the red carpet in 2002) was so iconic that even my Slavic, immigrant mother requested it at one point.


Lupita's Natural Hair In 2014

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From 2014 to present day, we've seen more and more black actresses rock their natural hair, just like Lupita Nyong'o and her headbanded coif.


Anne Hathaway's Short Cut In 2013

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Hathaway won Best Actress for Les Miserables in 2013, but her surprising, tousled short hair really stole the show.


Emma's Old Hollywood Waves

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If celebs didn't want to go the polished and straightened route, then many of them opted to tip their hats back to the '20s and '50s with finger waves, Old Hollywood curls, and Marcel dents. Not that any of us are complaining — it looks amazing.

Seeing how hair dos have ran the gauntlet in the past, it's definitely intriguing to think about what this year's trends will be. Timeless, trendy, or all-around unique — hair is one of the most interesting things happening on the Oscars red carpet.