15 Minimalist Dresses For Prom 2017

by Melanie Richtman

Finding a dress for prom is a rather daunting task — at least it was for me. I didn't want anything too prom-y or anything too expensive, since I knew I was only going to wear it once. If that sounds like you, a minimalist prom dress is probably the way to go.

I was very concerned with looking timeless in my prom photos, which at the time made me seem like a crazy person to all of my peers, but now looking back on it, I'm glad I gave it some extra thought. My junior year prom dress was definitely not minimal, but my senior year prom dress was simple and timeless. I would wear it today if an opportunity presented itself.

Whether you're looking for timeless silhouette or a classic fabric, there are plenty of options out there that won't break the bank. You could even opt for a two piece ensemble, which might not seem minimal, but there are plenty of amazing crop top/skirt combos that give off a minimalist vibe. And trust me, they're really cute.

The best part about minimalist prom dresses is that you have so much room to play with accessories and makeup. If you have a simple dress, you could wear a statement necklace or funky earrings or a dark purple lip. The opportunities are endless.

So without further ado, here are 15 minimalist prom dresses for 2017.

1. This Long Black Dress


Mythical Kind Of Love Black Maxi Dress, $64, Lulus

This dress leaves so much room for accessories.

2. This Strapless Maxi Dress


All Afloat Navy Blue Strapless Maxi Dress, $84, Lulus

This is about as classic as it gets.

3. This One Shoulder Blush Dress


ASOS Grecian Sash Maxi Dress, $68, ASOS

You don't even need accessories to make this dress look good.

4. This High Neck Dress


ASOS Curve Slinky High Neck Metallic Belt Maxi Dress, $78, ASOS

This dress is going to look good in pictures for years to come.

5. This Slinky Dress


Valeria Royal Blue Tranquility Dress, $50, Windsor

This dress doesn't need extra embellishments to make you stand out.

6. This Nude Dress


Miriam Lady In Natural Dress, $40, Windsor

This dress is about as simple as it gets. Throw on some fun jewelry and a bold lip and you'll be ready for prom in no time.

7. This Black Cutout Gown


Bailey 44 Edward Dress, $248, Revolve

This dress is minimalist and trendy, all while giving you room to play with accessories.

8. This Halter Gown


Calvin Klein Open Back Halter Gown, $199, Macy's

It's Calvin Klein so obviously it's great. It comes in several colors too.

9. This Color Blocked Dress


B Darlin Juniors' Colorblocked Halter Gown, $79, Macy's

The two colors give a little interest to this simple gown.

10. This Short Dress


Illusion Waist Bodycon Dress, $55, Nordstrom

This short white dress gives off minimal vibes but with a few little twists.

11. This Cap Sleeve Dress


Long V-Neck Plus-Size Prom Dress with Cap Sleeves, $99, Prom Girl

This dress is simple and flattering. And can you imagine it with bright red lipstick? Amazing.

12. This A-Line Dress


Classic A-Line Prom Dress, $229, Prom Girl

This flattering shade and cut will look good on almost anyone.

13. This One Shoulder Dress


One Shoulder Long Prom Dress, $189, Prom Girl

This dress has some visual interest while still keeping it simple.

14. This Skater Dress


Forevermore Dusty Purple Skater Dress, $59, Lulus

A little more playful than your standard long prom dress.

15. This Cutout Dress

David's Bridal

Cutout Satin V-Neck Sheath Dress, $200, Davids Bridal

This rose/blush color is all the rage right now too.