15 Movies You Can Stream During Pride Month

by Lakecia Hammond

As a queer person, June, aka Pride Month, is a big month for me to let loose and celebrate my own coming out story while also rejoicing in my truth. I know this is the case for many others in the LGBTQ+ community, as we continue to fight for our rights in a cis hetero-dominated society and welcome other humans who embrace life beyond the binary. You're probably as pumped as I am about Pride month, and chances are you're looking for any and everything you can do to celebrate. Don't waste your leisure time between parades, rallies, and parties — instead, tune into these movies to stream during Pride month, all of which honor the LGBTQ+ community.

If you're an ally, weep not. To be sure, these movies aren't made for you (because let's be real, everything else already is) but they are still absolutely worth you watching, so you can become more aware of how to respect and communicate with your queer peers. Here are the basics for Pride month: mind your pronouns, celebrate queer rights with an intersectional mindset, and think beyond the binary. So, without further ado, here are the films that cover all of the above and more that you can stream this month.



Three Palestinian men struggle with taking ownership of their sexual preferences. The film shows how sexuality, gender identity, culture, and religion intersect.

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'Yves Saint Laurent'

If fashion's your forte, this film is right up your alley. The film shows how two gay men built a fashion empire.

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'Blue Is The Warmest Color'

A young girl grappling with her sexual identity decides to embark on a journey to find greater fulfillment.

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'Paris Is Burning'

A delectable staple about 1980s Harlem Drag Balls and the origination of "throwing shade."

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A young woman who's desperate to live her truth struggles with her mother's acceptance to be a black queer woman.

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A sex worker gets out of prison and seeks revenge on her pimp/boyfriend.

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'My Transgender Kid'

A documentary about children, their gender identity, acceptance, and bullying.

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Conservative politicians who spout anti-gay rhetoric reveal the lives they live behind closed doors.

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A Hawaiian transgender teacher embodies mahu, a spirit that's both female and male.

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'Queens & Cowboys'

Gay men have been competing in the rodeo for decades, but fighting for their basic rights is harder than some of them imagined.

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'4th Man Out'

Three masculine bros deal with their own problematic mindsets when their friend comes out.

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Prepare for a movie in which teen angst meets sexual exploration.



Two kids revisit their special affection for one another as adults.

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A transgender cartoonist uses her talent for self expression and activism.


'Margarita, With A Straw'

A young woman with cerebral palsy leaves India to embark on her own journey in New York and comes to terms with her own preferences.

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All of these films celebrate queer identity, on a spectrum, making for a quality viewing for all.